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183 total hours

45 hours in GCSE Biology

Marie K $50-60/hr

Neuroscience - University College London

I have tutored in person and online for over 10 years and receive great feedback with my students receiving mostly A*'s and A's. I believe that interacting and stimulation is the key to excellent tutoring.
I work mainly on perfecting exam techniques and how to answer the question for maximum marks. I have a lot of practice material and previous exam material.

I welcome inquiries from anyone who would like extra, on-going tuition, help with general revision or assignments, or preparation for exams.

I have experience with OCR, AQA and Edexcel syllabus.

Marie K's last completed GCSE Biology job with Cora: 1-2 hrs/week - My daughter, Fabienne is currently targeted a grade 6 for Biology but really wants to achieve a 7 or more. She is doing AQA double science. She is at a state boarding school and is looking for online tuition once a week or every two weeks.

Marie K's last review in GCSE Biology from Malathi: Good lesson.

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13 total hours

13 hours in GCSE Biology

Scott $40-50/hr

1st Class Degree - Aberystwyth

-PGCE and 7 years classroom teaching Biology.

-PhD in Marine Biology - (Including taxonomy, population genetics and molecular taxonomy) which I can teach to undergraduate level.

-Currently examiner for WJEC - I have excellent knowledge of the WJEC and Eduqas GCSE and A Level syllabus as well as AQA and Edexcel

-Excellent one to one teaching skills - I have tutored over 30 students face to face with exceptional feedback.

-As a PhD student I mentored students through their dissertation project.

-A number of students and tutees I have taught have gone on to study Medicine and Veterinary Science at University, including at Russell Group universities.

Scott's last completed GCSE Biology job with Carl: 1-2 hrs/week - At the moment my predictions for all subjects are very good, but biology & chemistry is a weakness - currently predicted a 6. I would like to raise my result to 7 / 8 if possible.
Weekday evening are generally good.

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11 total hours

11 hours in GCSE Biology

Emma $40-50/hr

PhD (Predicted: Pass) - Imperial College London

I have adequate experience in being able to teach others, in the form of tutoring, presentations and seminars. My current qualification involves giving presentations and oral examinations, which requires explanation of scientific content to different audiences. I have also regularly supervised undergraduate and masters students on their final year research projects which involves day-to-day in lab supervision, discussion and report reviews, as well as demonstrating in undergraduate practicals at my university. I also have experience proof-reading and editing reports and written work. More recently, I have become a tutor for an online university Master's degree course for Kaplan Open Learning, in which I run seminars, discussion forums and provide feedback on assignments to students. I believe that I am able to adapt to the different teaching requirements of the individual, and confidently help the individual to understand the depths of knowledge that they require for their qualification. I am happy to teach in the form of example exam paper questions, mind maps, essays, or any way the individual feels is best for them. A variety of teaching techniques will allow the individual to become more adaptable and engaged with learning for their particular qualification. My teaching philosophy focuses on encouraging the individual to think for themselves and have the confidence to challenge and question should they not understand; but whilst enjoying learning along the way.

Emma's last completed GCSE Biology job with Lucy: 1-2_HOURS - im looking for tutors to help me in igcse English language , literature in English, Mathematics , biology , chem , Spanish, geography and computer since.

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69 total hours

10 hours in GCSE Biology

Anna $45-55/hr

Natural Sciences - Cambridge

For the past ten years, I have provided private tuition to students of a variety of ages and abilities. This has ranged from primary Maths to A Level Biology. I have helped students to prepare for exams with a number of examboards including Edexcel, AQA, WJEC and OCR.

I have been working for the past seven years as a teacher in a private girls’ school teaching Biology to A Level, Chemistry to GCSE and some KS3 Maths. I have developed an expert knowledge of Edexcel IGCSE Biology, as well as Edexcel AS and A Level Biology A. I am extremely passionate about my job and get a real thrill from seeing my students make progress. Both times I have taught a top division at GCSE, they have all achieved top grades. The Biology department has excellent value-added at A Level.

Last year, I also worked as an Assessment Specialist, marking IGCSE papers for Cambridge Assessment. This gave me a real insight into what examiners are looking for and made me more aware of common mistakes that students make. This will help me to prepare students even more thoroughly for their exams.

Anna's last completed GCSE Biology job with Norsheen: 1-2 hrs/week - IGCSE in biology.

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96 total hours

4 hours in GCSE Biology

Louisa $60-70/hr

Qualified Teacher of Science - Experienced GCSE and A Level Science Tutor

I have been a private tutor for over 6 years and hold Qualified Teacher Status with experience teaching in schools in Suffolk and Devon. I was graded 'Outstanding' for my Teacher Training and also have experience working in industrial and research laboratories.

I am experienced in tutoring and teaching GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics tuition and A level Biology and Chemistry. I really like to break-down the difficult topics and train you how to give examiners what they want in your answers. I have worked with a wide range of students of all ages and abilities and the wonderful thing about tutoring is I can adapt it exactly to your specific needs. Having also worked as an exam assessor I know exactly the standard and requirements required to gain the marks!

I LOVE my subject and love discussion in order to further understanding. I think part of my success as a teacher is my enthusiasm and need to have fun. I try to remind my students exactly how exciting science actually is outside of textbooks.

Louisa's last completed GCSE Biology job with Izzy: 1-2 hrs/week - I am doing AQA biology triple science and am going into year 11. I plan on doing 1 hour of biology tuition a week until my exams in May/June time. I am targeted a 7 but if possible I would like to get an 8 as I intend to become a dentist. I would ideally like to do a Tuesday or Thursday each week from 5:30-6:30 pm starting from as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you

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113 total hours

4 hours in GCSE Biology

Andrew $35-45/hr

Mphil - Leicester

Professional experience successful well prepared AQA Biology tutor A Level and GCSEs
Subject divided into topic blocks with notes and past paper questions. The student gains confidence and experience and an important understanding of terminology. A range of relevant images and videos can be used as an aid to gain wider relevant knowledge.Lessons are hard work but enjoyable

Andrew's last completed GCSE Biology job with Maimuna: 1-2 hrs/week - I'm still in Year 10 and aiming for a Grade 9 for my GCSEs. I'm currently predicted for a Grade 7 as I still haven't quite grasped the exam technique for this particular subject. I would also appreciate revision for the things we've studied previously although that isn't too big an issue for me.

Andrew's last review in GCSE Biology from Maimuna: Microscopy and Cells with exam technique I enjoyed the lesson and he was amusing. I also liked how he gave stories and analogies to prompt me into answering a question.

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2 total hours

2 hours in GCSE Biology

Rachel $40-50/hr

PGCE - University of Woverhampton

I have qualified teacher status, experience teaching in UK secondary schools as well as many sucessful years of 1:1 tutoring. I bring together my deep understanding of science, with my experience of learning styles and study techniques to support young people in achieving their academic goals!

I have a first class biology degree and have a first class approach to tutoring. My previous experience has been in tutoring/teaching GCSE Combined science as well as the individual Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE awards (AQA, OCR, EdExcel). In addition to this, I have been the lead biology teacher for A Level Biology as well as tutoring many A level biology students (OCR, AQA).

Rachel's last completed GCSE Biology job with Izzy: 1-2 hrs/week - I am doing AQA biology triple science and am going into year 11. I plan on doing 1 hour of biology tuition a week until my exams in May/June time. I am targeted a 7 but if possible I would like to get an 8 as I intend to become a dentist. I would ideally like to do a Tuesday or Thursday each week from 5:30-6:30 pm starting from as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you

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167 total hours

1 hour

Fraser $50-60/hr

Biochemistry - University of Manchester

I have worked as a science tutor for the past two years and have loved every minute. During my PhD and subsequent time in academia I taught a range of levels and am expert in teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics from GCSE level up to University level. At higher levels of education I can teach my specialist subjects including Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Molecular Biology.

With enthusiasm, careful planning and knowledge you can improve a students results and enjoyment of the subject, Tutoring is such a rewarding business to be involved in and what makes me a good tutor is that I teach out of love for the subject.

Fraser's last completed GCSE Biology job with Izzy: 1-2 hrs/week - I am a year 11 student and would like a tutor in Biology. Ideally tutoring on a Thursday evening- around 5ish for an hour. I am doing the higher triple science aqa exam. I am targeted a 7 but would like to achieve higher to help me towards my goal of becoming a dentist

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687 total hours

Eleanor $50-60/hr

Veterinary medicine / Biological Sciences - The Royal Veterinary College / University of Oxford

I have over 4 years of experience in tutoring the sciences across a range of exam boards and levels, and am focused on ensuring each of my students understands how they will best reach their goals.
I am passionate about the subjects that I tutor, and am able to deliver them in innovative and engaging ways. My aim is to build up the confidence of my students in any given subject, and to help each individual to realise their potential.

Eleanor's last completed GCSE Biology job with Nadia: 1-2 Hours / Week -

Eleanor's last review in GCSE Biology from Maria: any Amazing

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187 total hours

Dr Carl $50-60/hr

Chemistry - Durham University

I am a qualified chemistry teacher with a Master's, Doctorate and teaching qualification from three Russell group universities. I am also an examiner for GCSE, A Level and IB Diploma so can offer advice and strategies to improve exam technique.

With over 15 years’ experience, I have helped hundreds of students gain more confidence and achieve exam success. Exam results from summer 2019:

• 88% of students achieved top grades
• IB chemistry (Higher Level) – two students achieved level 7, two students achieved level 6
• A Level chemistry – three students achieved A*, four students achieved A, two students achieved B (several of these were predicted C/D!)
• GCSE/IGCSE – three students achieved level 9, two students achieved level 8

My recent students have gone on to study at the Royal Veterinary College, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Manchester University, Edinburgh University, Imperial College (London), Kings College (London), Durham University, Queen Mary (London), Newcastle University, Leeds University, Bristol University and University College (London).

One of the most experienced and successful online tutors, I have delivered over 5,000 hours' online tuition to students in 22 countries! As a full-time professional chemistry tutor, I am 100% committed to my students' success and guarantee a reliable and professional service.

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