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LLM Legal Practice Course - Nottingham Law School

I am a law graduate who has completed both an LLB in International Law and an LLM in Legal Practice. I am currently a Trainee Solicitor, working in-house in a multinational company and I have practical experience in a variety or areas, from corporate law, to commercial, to litigation and regulatory. I have been providing tutoring services to students of a variety of ages and backgrounds for four and a half years now. I started teaching English as a foreign language whilst I...
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 43
All-time Students: 11 Last Online: 03 Feb 2023




Physics - The University of Manchester

My classes as a tutor can vary depending on the student that I am teaching. I am able to work out the potential of a student quite quickly and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Doing so enables me to focus more time on the weaknesses in class, and set suitable homework to test their strengths, maximising useful time spent in the lesson. For longer assignments I can also incorporate the role as a mentor for the student; giving guidance about career paths and future goal...
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All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 28 Jan 2022




Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Portuguese and English - FAIMI - Faculdade de Mirassol

Olá, tudo bem? Portuguese is an amazing language and I will help you learn it! I am a seasoned professional with more than ten years of experience in foreign language teaching and teacher training. I help students from all over the world achieve their linguistic goals through relevant, fun, and memorable lessons. My lessons are tailor-made, taking into account level and the areas my learners wish to focus on. My students often tell me that I possess great social, intercul...
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All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 19 Oct 2022

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