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Professional Online Environmental Science Tutors

All of our high quality online environmental science tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Environmental Science tutor Jan
PhD Geography and Geology - Biological and Environmental Sciences-, University of Edinburgh

Passionate A-Level & University teacher and tutor in Geography, Biology , Environmental & Earth Sciences, with dynamic, interactive and creative classes.

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819 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Alice
Environmental Science & Animal Health, University of Bristol

Professional, passionate and qualified Environmental Science teacher specialising in supporting A Level learners to increase their final exam grade!

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50 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Harriet
Biology, University of Reading

Experienced science teacher and tutor for 10 years with a specialism in Biology. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment for pupils to learn, whilst keeping lessons engaging and purposeful.

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103 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Sanober
Engineering, De Montfort University of Leicester, UK

PhD qualified in Engineering, with 8+ years teaching and research experience.

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professional online Environmental Science tutor David
Environmental Sciences , Imperial College London U.K.

I am an environmental scientist, engineer and climate change specialist and have worked just about everywhere. I love sharing my knowledge of scientific principles tempered with real life examples. I am known to have a dry sense of humour which I use in my presentations. I have helped lots of students all around the world. The photo on the left shows me in the Karakoram Mountains where I was studying effects of global warming on glaciers. Call me David.

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professional online Environmental Science tutor Brian
Geography and History, The University of Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Brian. I am fully qualified teacher from a Russel Group University. I held the role of teacher, examiner, head of humanities, head of pastoral care, professional tutor and resources creator for top academic companies in my 12 years of professional teaching. I am most suitable for students who wish to drastically increase their grades with lots of resources, practice papers and support. I am the top Geography tutor on Spires, but I also offer other subject such as Environmental Science. I specialize in international curricula, but I also have a full range and experience to teach AQA, SQA, Edexcel and OCR in the UK.
It is hard to pick the right tutor, so let's have a free and quick video call for an introduction.

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1907 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Samantha
Sociology - Premedicine, University of Texas at Austin

Qualified secondary Maths and Biology teacher with 15+ years of experience teaching and tutoring. Published academic and educational content writer. Former medical scribe.

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588 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Jamie
Geography, University of St. Andrews

Experienced Geography Teacher and Examiner with extensive experience tutoring in English. I currently work as a Geography and Physics teacher in an international school. I hope to make others love Geography and English as much as I do!

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203 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Nadeem
Chemistry, University of Strathclyde, University of Dortmund

Highly experienced Chemistry tutor for all levels including GCSE, A-Level, IB, University level

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173 hours taught
professional online Environmental Science tutor Helen
Biology, St Francis Xavier University

Experienced and encouraging educator and science enthusiast eager to help students find the joy in learning and get their target grades!

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professional online Environmental Science tutor Natalie
Evolutionary Biology, Imperial College London

Empathetic and reflective secondary science educator, experienced in differentiating learning materials and activities to support and extend students with varying needs and targets.

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professional online Environmental Science tutor Clarisse
Biological Science, University of Exeter

Enthusiastic and caring science tutor and examiner who works on building confidence as well as content knowledge. Extremely friendly and will tailor each lesson to your individual needs.

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Recent Environmental Science Tutor Class Reviews

Jan - Holder- Environmental Science - Postgraduate
31st January 2023
Jan is an excellent tutor that is easy to work.
Alice - Amy- Environmental Science - A Level
18th January 2023
Alice is an absolutely brilliant tutor, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about the course and the AQA exam, super helpful in communications and very reassuring. Thank you Alice!
Jan - Mohammed- Environmental Science - Undergraduate
14th December 2022
Very Engaging and fun but simultaneously very effective towards my education.
Sanober - Muneera- Environmental Science - University
24th April 2022
Very helpful and sincere! Highly recommended
Keith - Joshua- Environmental Science - Dissertations
6th July 2021
Great intro class. Looking forward to working with Keith going forwards
Sancha - Joshua- Environmental Science - Dissertations
9th June 2021
Sancha was very thorough in her analysis and provided some very useful insights for additional areas to explore. Thank you for all the help.

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