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English - Cambridge

I have been tutoring for over a decade and have worked hard to make sure that I keep up to date with all exam requirements across the subjects I teach. I am passionate about one-on-one teaching and find the results of tailoring my methods carefully to each child has huge benefits. My online teaching style has been honed carefully over a long period of time to ensure that lessons are interactive and engaging. Numeracy and Literacy - multiple pupils under the age of 7 - looki...
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Medicine - King's College London

Faisel is an experienced tutor, teaching GCSE's and A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for the past 10 years across a variety of exam boards, including OCR, AQA, Edexcel, CIE and others. This has been both through private client-tutoring and through working professionally for several different types of tutoring companies. 
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