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Laurence $65-75/hr

Mathematics - The University of Oxford

My name is Laurence, I have a PhD in Mathematics from The University of Oxford, where I also attended for undergraduate, completing an MMath integrated masters degree in mathematics.

I have 5 years of tutoring experience and have tutored at several Oxford independent schools alongside privately tutoring many students. I cover secondary school Mathematics, teaching students from the 11 up to the age of 18, covering everything from year 7 Mathematics to Further Mathematics A-Level. I am most experienced in tutoring Mathematics/Further Mathematics A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE.

I additionally offer university entrance exam and preparation, covering the MAT/STEP exams required to study Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge, respectively. I also offer interview preparation for prospective Oxford and Cambridge mathematics students.

In addition to Mathematics tutoring I also offer tutorials covering introductory and advanced MATLAB, having spent the last 4 years using the software to complete my research.

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Marco $45-55/hr

PhD - Cass Business School and University of Genova

During 2018, Marco has been academic lecturer at the University of Pavia, Italy, teaching the course Quantitative Finance with R, which is a special section of the MSc in Finance course Quantitative Finance. Moreover, during the previous academic year, he was tutor and teaching assistant for the course Econometrics (3rd year BSc in Economics) at the University of Genova, Italy.

Marco has also a relevant tutor experience. He taught both in person and online to a variety of student at BSc and MSc level. He is specialised in quantitative subjects such as Econometrics and programming.

Holding a BSc and two MSc, Marco definitely gained expertise in structuring dissertations in Statistics, Econometrics and Financial Econometrics (subjects of his three dissertations). In addition, doing research on a daily basis for his PhD strengthened his taste for original works and for literature review building.

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Tom $40-50/hr

Astrophysical Processes - Durham Universiry

I have successfully taught all subjects I am offering up to and including A Level. Experienced with AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and Eduqas. As a senior leader I have coached and mentored new and experienced teachers giving me a deep understanding of teaching methodologies. Skilled in differentiating learning, my student-centred approach ensures all students make progress. I am dedicated to developing the passion for lifelong learning in others.

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Zoltan $40-50/hr

PhD - Royal Holloway, University of London

I’ve been working in universities and colleges for 15 years and have over 2 years experience of private teaching (1000+ hours). I’m an expert in linear algebra and elements of probability theory and have a range of experience teaching optimisation theory (including game theory), advanced calculus and complex analysis. I’ve delivered private lectures to A-level, IB maths students and undergraduates from prestigious UK universities. I teach students to learn the crucial concepts of maths more easily through concrete, clear examples. During my tutoring sessions I always reveal connections between different areas of mathematics, which appear highly non-obvious at first. This helps my students to obtain a deeper understanding of the curriculum. I always tailor sessions to the needs and requirements of my students and the main focus is on the practical application of the theorems.

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Shaine $50-60/hr

Ph.D. - University of Missouri- St. Louis

I have the experience, knowledge, passion and tools to help students master Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and its applications (to Engineering, and Business). I can help you with A-level Physics, IB Physics and AP Physics. I hold a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Missouri. I have been teaching and tutoring students for the last 15 years. I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics at a major university. I have conducted more than 5000 hours of online tutoring over various platforms.

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Dario $50-60/hr

Computer Science - The University of Manchester

What you can expect from tutorials with me:

Concise, clear explanations: You will end each tutorial confident in your understanding of the topic. You will be able to answer related exam questions, apply concepts in coursework assignments and see how different topics fit in the greater picture.

A tailored program: Whether you want to spend time revising a particular topic, practicing exam questions or discussing a particular topic more in depth, tutorials will be designed to suit your needs.

An hands on approach: At the end of each tutorial, I will send you further material to practice and revise the material covered. Ahead of the following tutorial, I will then correct your work and provide useful feedback. This can take the form of written questions, past papers, programming assignments, etc.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Mahmoud $40-50/hr

Mechanical Engineering - The University of Manchester

The main idea of tutoring is to bridge the gap between the student and knowledge and to make it easier for him/her. For each student, the tutor should have a way that suitable his/her level.

Alexander N. $40-50/hr

PhD (DIC), MSc (DIC), MEng - Imperial College London

The Profs - Private Tutor (2015-present)

- Served nearly 150 hours in online tutoring

- Specialised in assisting undergraduate-BSc/MEng and postgraduate-MSc students with exam preparation, dissertation writing and courseworks

- Attained student exam performance within the range of 68-92% , including cases of resit students with initial performance below 15%

- Subjects: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Structural Engineering, Statics, Dynamics, Structural Design (Prestressed/Reinforced Concrete-Steel), Computational Engineering Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Stability, Nonlinear Mechanics, Nonlinear Structural Analysis, Theory of Plates and Shells, Plastic Collapse Analysis, Material Mechanics, Manufacturing Systems, General Engineering, Mathematics (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary / Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis, Complex Analysis).


Imperial College London - Graduate Teaching Assistant (2015 - Present)

- Subjects: Nonlinear Structural Analysis (MSc, MEng), Finite Element Analysis (MSc), Computational Engineering Analysis (MEng), Mechanics (MEng), Structural Mechanics (MEng), Structural Analysis (MEng), Reinforced Concrete (MSc), Mathematics (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary / Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis, Complex Analysis) (MEng), Creative Design, Construction Week, Global Summer School

- Coursework and Progress Test Marking

- Field Trip supervision


Private Tutor (2009-2013)

- Subjects: Structural Analysis, Finite Elements Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Soil Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Material Mechanics, Mathematics and Statistics

Arjun $65-75/hr

Mathematics - Sheffield

I have been a full time tutor for the past 8 years. During this time i've worked online successfully with clients at a range of universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Warwick, and all the London universities, as well as several based at overseas institutions including Harvard, NYU, Lausanne and others. I've also successfully supported students through the university application process for Oxbridge.

Carlos $40-50/hr

Mathematics - Brunel University London

I believe in a personalised tutoring for each student since each student is different.
My first target is building a comfort zone and a strong rapport with the student. If there exists an easy channel of communication between the student and the tutor, there will be confidence to communicate doubts, ask questions, and identify issues.

My second target is ensuring that the student acquires a thorough background on the subject. If the student does not have a solid background, then the new knowledge learnt will not be solid either.

My third target is providing a wide range of studying techniques which will ease the learning path.

Regarding my approach to teach Maths, I think it is utterly important to learn and understand the main mathematical concepts and definitions in order to succeed at solving mathematical problems. In addition, I break exercises down in several fundamental steps to facilitate the reasoning and understanding of the process of solving the problem.

When I teach Pure Mathematics, I aim to provide a strong understanding on the background of the Mathematical theory needed to solve the problems or to prove the corresponding theorems. Moreover, I highlight the objectives of the proofs and their consequences, why they are necessary and what the ultimate implications of the results are.

My qualifications are varied:
- PhD in Mathematics - Applied Analysis of PDEs and Integral Equations.
- Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Statistics.
- MSc Courses on Applied Mathematics: Finite Element Methods, Parallel Computing, MatLab.
- Integrated Master in Mathematics and Statistics (5 years long)

- Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education.
- Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
- Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
- Certificate in Teaching and Learning Programme
- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - TESOL Certificate

A good tutor needs to have a good ease to read the students' mind. This is important at the time of understand the anxiety that the student is suffering and is preventing him from learning. A good tutor needs to be approachable and quick at creating a comfortable, supportive and motivating rapport between the student and the tutor which provides a fluent channel of communication.

Furthermore, a good tutor needs to be confident at communicating the knowledge. This means, the tutor needs to have a solid background and a thorough understanding of the subject. We need to be aware as tutors, that the students will not only learn the subject from us, but also our skills. If we are able to transmit this feeling of confidence, the students will also feel confident themselves.

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