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Gareth $50-60/hr

Anatomical Sciences - Leeds University

I have been tutoring and teaching for over 15 years, and over half of that has been spent in the position of Head of Science or assistant principal. I believe that I am easy to be around and students feel comfortable when working with me and are confident that they can ask any question, no matter how silly they may perceive it to be. I always try to think of relevant and engaging ways to tackle a topic to enable all abilities to understand.
Having left teaching in September 2018 to spend more time with my baby daughter, I've set up my own business that designs lesson resources for other teachers. This not only means that I have access to hundreds of resources that I share during lessons to back up the learning but also means that I'm aware of the intricacies and key details of all of the specifications, including the International ones

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Jaime $50-60/hr

M.Sc Biokinetics (B.Sc Sport and Exercise Science undergraduate) - University of the Western Cape

I have lectured/ tutored:
- Exercise physiology to B.Sc & BA Sport and Exercise Science (undergraduate) students
- Chronic disease and disabilities to Postgraduate Exercise Physiologists

I was also the head tutor for the higher certificate in exercise science course at the Health and Fitness Professionals academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Mugdha $45-55/hr

Masters degree in orthodontics (MDS) - MUHS

I hold Masters Degree in orthodontics and an undergraduate Degree in Dentistry. I have experience in tutoring students both private and in class for over 3 years.

I have a proven successful tutoring methodology which is both interactive and immersive. I focus on building a solid foundation for the student by breaking down and simplifying difficult concepts and diving into the understanding of how and why for each concept.

I follow a systematic approach in understanding the curriculum and material thoroughly, developing a study plan and preparing for exams based on previous years exam papers and questions. I understand that every student is unique and use continuous feedback to tailor the tutoring delivered to suit the individual students needs.
I have a strong passion for this subject and look forward to imparting the same to you and ensuring your success in the process.

In addition to tutoring, I have experience guiding students with thesis and research writing, editing and proof-reading based on my own extensive experience in the area and my publications.
I welcome inquiries from anyone looking for ongoing tuition, assignments or help with general revision.

Jonathan L $40-50/hr

MBBS(Nig),MPH(UK),MSc(UK) - University of Manchester &Edinburgh

Tutor; clinical anatomy ,physiology & pharmacology , Medical students Jos University Teaching Hospital ,2017-date
Tutor in Surgery MedShr London UK 2018- date
Tutor Academic writing ,University of Southwales Uk
Tutor In PG Medical Education University of South-wales UK 2017-date
Tutor Medical Education University of Dundee UK 2019-date

Munad-Ar-Rehman $55-65/hr

Medicine - St Georges University of London and UCL

I am a highly experienced tutor with over 700+ hours of tutoring experience, having tutored from KS3 level all the way upto A-level, IB and University level.
Being a high achieving Medical Student, with a first class Cardiovascular Science degree from UCL, I have also tutored many pupils for their UCAT exam and for the interview and application process for Medicine.

My experience, depth of knowledge and teaching ability is attested to by the achievements of my students: some of whom have recieved offers from, or are now studying Medicine at internationally recognised London universities, such as King’s College London and St George’s Medical School.

I also have extensive experience in teaching to students with Special Education Needs. I have helped students with Phenylketonuria, ADHD, Autism and Crohn’s Disease in achieving their potential . This has allowed me to hone my ability to adapt and teach different students with varying needs and requirements.

Having finished further education with an excellent academic record in 2016, I have an expertise with syllabus content especially for the Sciences and Maths, and am very well acquainted with the academic system and its challenges. Along with this, I have honed and developed an optimal study strategy and technique for school/college examinations, which I share with my students and this has helped dozens of my students to achieve their potential, and achieve As and A*’s.

As a tutor I share my extensive knowledge in the subject I teach to my tutees, in a simple and engaging manner to helping them in understanding difficult concepts.

I instil within my students the best study strategy, through continuous practice, so that they are able to get the best grades possible!

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