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5.0 11 hours in GCSE Chemistry


PhD in Organic Chemistry - University of Bath, UK

I have been teaching Chemistry, Maths and Science since 2016 as a tutor first and currently also work as Maths and Chemistry teacher in a sixth form college in Cambridge.
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 401
All-time Students: 41 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


5.0 10 hours in GCSE Chemistry


MSc Materials Engineering - KU Leuven

Started working as a private tutor in 2016. Since then, I have worked over 5000 hours, taught over 100 students and I have acquired a great level of expertise in online tutoring during the pandemic. The most important aspect to me is keeping the student motivated and connecting properly with them to help them achieve their best results. In my sessions, lots of exercises will be done to put into practice the knowledge of the student
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Recent Students: 9 Total Hours: 49
All-time Students: 9 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 7 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Chemistry - King's College, University of London

I am an experienced qualified science teacher (QTS). My lessons have frequently been rated outstanding during appraisals. I have taught in both private and comprehensive, single and co-educational, and French and English schools. Here are some of my noteworthy achievements: - For the past five years I have been working in a British online secondary school. I have therefore taught many different curriculums to pupils from a wide range of backgrounds, and this has helped me to...
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Recent Students: 20 Total Hours: 468
All-time Students: 28 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


5.0 6 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Masters in education - Wolverhampton university

I am currently in my 10th year of teaching and still have the same amount of passion as the day I began. I Teach Physics up to A-Level (AQA and OCR) but have access to other exam papers as practice. At GCSE I have taught AQA and OCR so have many resources for both. I have taught through the changes to the exam specifications and examination process. I have taught a range of pupils from pupils needing support in one area to whole syllabus and extended learning. I also have e...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 42
All-time Students: 9 Last Online: 12 Apr 2023

Alaa Ehsan

5.0 6 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Mechanical Systems / Materials Sciences - Cranfield University / UAE University

I am a patient tutor, and I am able to simplify complex topics and dispel confusion. I have tutoring and teaching experience with CAIE IGCSE's in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, as well as CAIE A-level Physics. I also have teaching experience with Edexcel IAL Maths (P1, P2, P3, and P4; aka C12 and C34) I am also capable of tutoring A-level Mechanics .
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Recent Students: 24 Total Hours: 567
All-time Students: 52 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 4 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Biological Sciences - University of Salford

(I)GCSE Biology and Chemistry - Edexcel, CIE (I)GCSE Double Award Science - AQA, Edexcel, CIE A Level Biology - AQA, Edexcel, IAL , London, CIE A Level Human Biology IB Biology - SL & HL IB Environmental Systems and Societies - SL KS3 Science A level examiner (AQA) and current GCSE examiner (Edexcel) UCAS references, personal statements and general application help for many application systems around the world - over 10 years of experience as Head of Sixth Form.
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Recent Students: 27 Total Hours: 688
All-time Students: 107 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 2 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Chemistry and Education - University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Over 10 years of teaching online and offline experience with chemistry for GCSE, IGCSE and A level, enhanced my understanding on different teaching methods and techniques to help students to succeed in their exams .. I have rich exposure to various examination boards including CIE, AQA and Edexcel both in UK and Internationally. I taught 1000s of young students from age 11 to 16 years and 94% of the students secured best test scores. My general approach to teaching invo...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 3
All-time Students: 3 Last Online: 04 Nov 2022

Dr Ravi

5.0 2 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Chemistry - Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India

Last 20 years have been a fun for me, simply because of the subject I deal-in. This has given me everything I have and I wish to carry it forward with all my prospective pupils. Always taught senior grades more than lower grades but equally enjoy teaching chemistry at any level. Covid-time did only one good thing for we, teachers and that's about exploring more on teaching pedagogy. Online teaching is an equal fun now and excellent software tools are making it more fun, ther...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 252
All-time Students: 21 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


0.0 2 hours in GCSE Chemistry


BSc Chemistry - Queen's University Belfast

I have taught Chemistry to A Level for 8 years now (March 2023). I have tutored Chemistry to A Level for 12 years. I love helping students find a passion for Chemistry and achieving the goal grade. I have worked in 3 schools in Ireland and I currently work in a British International School in Madrid. I teach using a lot of visual aids (PowerPoint, animations, engaging demonstrations and experiments), detailed verbal and written explanations of concepts, past paper practice w...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 2
All-time Students: 1 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


5.0 1 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Secondary Education (Mathematics) - University of Greenwich

I have taught 3,000+ hours of one-to-one tuition since I began in 2012. My students have been overwhelmingly successful, going on to study subjects such as Medicine and Engineering, in universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. My overall philosophy is for the student to learn as much as possible as efficiently as possible, by setting the right questions in the right order. I am very thorough in my approach; I copy questions from the official textbook where available, check ...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 224
All-time Students: 20 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023

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