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Geography and Geology - Botany, Biochemistry and Bioenvironmental Sciences - University of Edinburgh



I have been teaching A-level to University level Geography, Geology, Biology, and Environmental Sciences for the last 6 years across a great variety of exam boards (CIE, AQA, OCR, Edexcel) with over 5 years of experience in working with University Undergraduate and Postgraduate students supporting t...
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Recent Students: 48
Total Hours: 1217
Classes Taught: 869
All-time Students: 113
Last Online:
Signed up:


Architecture - Architectural Association School of Architecture, London


AS / A2 Mathematics & Maths Olympiad (silver) - (2017-2018) - Regular 1-on-1 tutorials with three young students. Resolve Collective Stockwell Festival Installation with Elutec - (july.2017) - Assistant Design Mentor. The Architectural Association School of Architecture - (oct.2021-present) - Visi...
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Recent Students: 1
Total Hours: 84
Classes Taught: 57
All-time Students: 15
Last Online:
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