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5.0 144 hours in Undergraduate Coding


M.Eng Computer Science (Software Engineering) - Imperial College London

I have 15 years' experience in teaching and tutoring in Computer Science, from age 9 all the way through to Master's degree. Within Computer Science I have been able to support not only with developing a range of programming skills but also the theory of computer science.
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Recent Students: 32 Total Hours: 1111
All-time Students: 79 Last Online: 28 May 2023


4.9 93 hours in Undergraduate Coding


MSc Computer Science - Hertfordshire

My tuition style is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results. I fully recognise that in private tuition, the student does not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs. I try to accommodate the very busy and restrictive schedules of both parents and students, including boarding school students and distance universities. My aim is always to try to help the stu...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 2274
All-time Students: 95 Last Online: 28 May 2023


5.0 49 hours in Undergraduate Coding


Computing and Information Systems - London Metropolitan University

I have many years of experience in teaching Computer Science to undergraduate, A-level, and GCSE students. I am an expert in equipping the learners with the required knowledge and understanding to succeed in the subject and achieve the desired result. I provide help and guidance on all the components of the subject like the theory topics, programming, and practical project. Teaching different concepts and terminologies with real world examples that can be used to develop pr...
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Recent Students: 34 Total Hours: 1710
All-time Students: 138 Last Online: 28 May 2023


5.0 20 hours in Undergraduate Coding


Mathematics - Rutgers University

University Maths Instructor, Rutgers University, 2020-2021: I taught several sections of Calculus I, Calculus II, and Linear Algebra. Each section consisted of ~75 undergraduate students. For each section, I would give two online lectures per week. My approach would be to cover the necessary concepts as simply and clearly as possible, leaving lots of time for examples. I strongly encouraged questions and feedback, and was happy to go back and explain things multiple times un...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 496
All-time Students: 24 Last Online: 28 May 2023


5.0 12 hours in Undergraduate Coding


Computer Science - Maynooth University

Worked as a lab demonstrator for 4 years. Worked as Assitant Professor at a reputed college in India. Currently working as a Lab demonstrator and tutor at Maynooth University. Subject Teaching : 1. Machine Learning with Python and R 2. Time series forecasting with Python 3. Programming with C 4. Object-Oriented Programming with C++ 5. Data Structure and Algorithms 6. JAVA 7. Web Application Design and Development 8. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 9. Database Manag...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 114
All-time Students: 26 Last Online: 18 May 2023


4.9 6 hours in Undergraduate Coding


Engineering - ESPOL

I live in Ecuador and have tutored for more than 10 years and have more than 3 years of experience in online tutoring. My area of expertise is undergraduate math courses. I also prepare people for university admission exams for both undergraduate and master’s degrees. I have worked with students from all across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Peru! I am familiar with tutoring and catering to a wide range of students, i...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 45
All-time Students: 8 Last Online: 28 May 2023


5.0 2 hours in Undergraduate Coding


AI & Machine Learning - Imperial College London

I have 7 years of experience in tutoring students attending high-school and university. I tutored several students for statistic, mathematics and programming exams at university which they passed successfully and with very high grades.
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Recent Students: 18 Total Hours: 479
All-time Students: 95 Last Online: 28 May 2023

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