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Modern Languages (Spanish) with Linguistics - University of Oxford



Tutoring has been my main job since 2012, and I have at least 1500 hours of teaching experience (though I have lost count!). This has been a mix of one-on-one tuition, as well as running Spanish lessons for small groups at a holiday revision school, as well as Oxbridge-focussed events open to schoo...
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 457
Classes Taught: 437
All-time Students: 30
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M. Sc. Neuropsychology and Education; BA in Arts and Art History, and Psychology; - St. Lawrence University; Universidad Internacional de La Rioja



I have 9 years of experience tutoring. I am a IB Examiner and work with several private tutoring academies based in the UK, Switzerland and Sweden. Prior to this, I was a Spanish tutor to US University students (all language levels) and an art teacher at an international High School. My experience ...
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Recent Students: 11
Total Hours: 69
Classes Taught: 61
All-time Students: 13
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English & Spanish - Oxford


I have over 12 years' tutoring experience as a full-time professional. I've been teaching students online since 2013 and altogether with online and face-to-face I've delivered well over 10000 hours of individual and group classes to more than 300 national and international pupils. I have wide expe...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 12
Classes Taught: 13
All-time Students: 6
Last Online:
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Modern Languages - UCL


I have 6+ years experience and 200+ teaching hours as a tutor and in that time my students have generally seen a two grade increase from mocks to results at GCSE and A level. Students that have contacted me early in their studies have stayed with me across multiple academic years. I have taught ac...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 7
Classes Taught: 5
All-time Students: 1
Last Online:
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Spanish and Italian - University of Bristol


I am a DfE qualified MFL Spanish Teacher with QTS and experience teaching Spanish from Primary KS2 up to A-Level (EDEXCEL, AQA) in the UK. My PGCEi (international) was completed whilst working as a Year 5 class teacher at a British Primary School in Madrid, which followed the British National Curr...
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Total Hours: 0
Classes Taught: 0
All-time Students: 0
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