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Rhys $50-60/hr

Modern Languages (Spanish) with Linguistics - University of Oxford

Significant tutoring experience - tutoring has been my main job since 2012. I have experience teaching one-on-one in person and online, as well providing seminars, workshops, and coaching in schools and at public events.
I hope my experience in online tutoring has demonstrated that I am sufficiently organised and engaging, to provide an enjoyable distance-learning experience. Online teaching is an unusual medium - both distant and intimate at once. I hope that, over the years, I have learnt to strike a decent balance and provide strong online support.

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65 total hours

Elodie $35-45/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

Having been tutored myself in the past, I understand what being in a pupil's shoes is like. From there I then started tutoring after having developed a passion in education and learning. I have since tutored children as young as five to adults from a wide range of ages. This means that not only have I learnt how to adapt my teaching from individual to individual but also to adapt my level of tutoring based on age and/or past experience in the subjects that I tutor.
The last student I tutored on Spires achieved an A at A level French.

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7 total hours

Miles $78/hr

Modern Languages - UCL

I have 6+ years experience and 200+ teaching hours as a tutor and in that time my students have generally seen a two grade increase from mocks to results at GCSE and A level. Students that have contacted me early in their studies have stayed with me across multiple academic years. I have taught across almost every exam board at GCSE and A Levels including Edexcel, AQA, CIE and OCR. All my feedback from my tutoring career has been 5 star.

Paulina $40-50/hr

Education and Teaching Spanish - Universidad Camilo Jose Cela

Hi, my name is Paulina. I have experience teaching the IB course for Spanish Ib Initio, Lengua B, and Spanish GCSE. I can also work helping students at unviersity who are doing Spanish and need help with theirs essays. I have also worked with IELTS exams.
I a have a degree on Education and English and a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language .
Happy to work with you.
Kind regards,

Silvia $65/hr

Spanish Studies - Durham University

I have been successfully tutoring with THE PROFS LONDON since November of 2017, assisting college-level and GCSE-A Level students of Spanish to prepare for end-of-term exams, as well as IB/A Level final/Board exams.
I love to reinforce personal modes of learning while encouraging learner´s autonomy. My goal is to provide you with a variety of proven strategies that work with different kind of learners, being an expert in teaching the Language, the Literature, and the Culture. I have a Doctoral degree in Teaching Languages and Literatures, having focused my post-graduate research on Second Language Acquisition. That means that I know a bit more about what goes into learning a new language. It is much more than learning the grammar and memorising vocabulary, as you will discover very soon.

I have been a University Spanish Lecturer since 2004, in the US and the UK, having worked with wonderful students from all backgrounds, origin, and levels of proficiency, and at top Universities like Duke University in the US, King´s College London, and presently at Durham University, UK. I am looking forward to working with you.

Octavian $40-50/hr

Professor - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

I teach Logic Design and Digital Systems Design at a Technical University, since 1996, for undergraduate students. I also taught FPGa-based design for master students. I have also supervised PhD students since 2010. All this in the field of Logic Design, Digital Systems Design, Digital Electronics, VHDL, FPGAs, Reconfigurable systems, Assembly language programming.

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