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Shaine $55-65/hr

Ph.D. - University of Missouri- St. Louis

5.0 (47 classes)

I have the experience, knowledge, passion and tools to help students master Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and its applications (to Engineering, and Business). I can help you with A-level Physics, IB Physics and AP Physics. I hold a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Missouri. I have been teaching and tutoring students for the last 15 years. I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics at a major university. I have conducted more than 5000 hours of online tutoring over various platforms.
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 67 Last Online: 20 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 15 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 35 Signed Up: 08 Apr 2019

Benjamin $110/hr

Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering - University of Cambridge

5.0 (314 classes)

My tuition approach sees me go out of my way to tailor each session to the individual student's needs. I have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience from GCSE up to degree level in numerical and scientific subjects. I have experience tutoring all the major exam boards in science and maths up to A-level, IB and BTEC. I have helped multiple students gain offers from Oxbridge in engineering and support UCAS admissions for all other UK universities in engineering and numerical subjects. For stud...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 337 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 38 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 30 Signed Up: 06 Sep 2019

Jonathan $65/hr

Mechancial Engineering - Loughborough University & Imperial College London

5.0 (18 classes)

3+ Years of private tutoring focusing on Matlab and engineering sciences Tutoring across all years of the Imperial College Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering: ME2 Thermodynamics - Engine test lab demonstration and coursework marking. ME3 Thermodynamics and Energy - Tutorials. ME4 Vehicle Propulsion Technology - Assist in coursework preparation, marking and the supporting tutorials.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 19 Last Online: 31 Mar 2021
All-time Students: 8 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 6 Signed Up: 05 Nov 2019

Ahmed $30-40/hr

PhD in Electrical Enginnering - University of Alberta

5.0 (33 classes)

I worked as a teaching assistant, marker, and lab instructor at the University of Alberta, Canada. I taught power electronics and variable speed drives, where I helped students to understand and apply courses theoretical material in lab sessions using typical industrial equipment (PLX15 DC Drive, PowerFlex 70 AC Drive, Allen-Bradley Induction Machine, and Power quality analyzer). Additionally, I taught several power system courses (Electrical Measurements, Energy Conversion Systems, Induction Ma...
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 32 Last Online: 18 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 5 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 5 Signed Up: 13 Oct 2019

Andrea $45-55/hr

Mathematics - University College London

5.0 (9 classes)

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea, I am 34 years old matematician. I have more than 15 years teaching mathematics at all levels. In my view, the most important attributes of a good teacher are patience and empathy! The student needs to feel at ease and learn in a friendly environment. Student must feel comfortable, asking the same question several times if the previous were not clear to them. During the class I write on a Wacom tablet, using several colours and highlighters, the lesson is fu...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 6 Last Online: 08 Jan 2021
All-time Students: 7 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 3 Signed Up: 15 Nov 2019

Zoltan $52/hr

PhD - Royal Holloway

5.0 (324 classes)

I’ve been working in universities and colleges for 15 years and have over 2 years experience of private teaching (1000+ hours). I’m an expert in linear algebra and elements of probability theory and have a range of experience teaching optimisation theory (including game theory), advanced calculus and complex analysis. I’ve delivered private lectures to A-level, IB maths students and undergraduates from prestigious UK universities. I teach students to learn the crucial concepts of maths more easi...
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 402 Last Online: 22 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 36 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 2 Signed Up: 08 Feb 2018

Mazhar $52/hr

Aerodynamic and Environmental Flow - University of Surrey

5.0 (65 classes)

2016 to 2017: Laboratory demonstrator, helping civil engineers with their fluid dynamics laboratories. 2017 to 2018: Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics tutor, helping second year undergraduate mechanical and aerospace students with tutorials. For the spring season of the same academic year, I delivered the non-destructive testing laboratory demonstrations (ultrasound testing). 2018 to 2019: Numerical methods and CFD tutor, helping third year aerospace engineering students with the general CFD an...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 63 Last Online: 17 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 12 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 2 Signed Up: 23 Oct 2020

Essam $104/hr


5.0 (39 classes)

30 years of teaching experience in UK. Experience in teaching: Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drive Systems, Control Engineering, Electro-magnetics and Network Analysis. Experience in teaching at all levels of undergraduate Degree scheme and support of post-graduate studies.
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 63 Last Online: 18 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 5 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 0 Signed Up: 13 Aug 2019

Dr. Elena Serena $117/hr

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - Birkbeck - University of London

5.0 (148 classes)

PhD in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Centre for Brain & Cognitive Development, Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom) – 2016/2020. Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education, Higher Education Academy (HEA) – 2019. Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience & Clinical Neuropsychology (University of Padova, Italy) – 2013/2015 – Distinction Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology (University of Bergamo, Italy) – 2010/2013 – Distinction ...
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 204 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 46 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 0 Signed Up: 29 Jan 2018

Federico $50-60/hr

PhD - Imperial College London

5.0 (10 classes)

I've been working as a private tutor with The Profs since 2015, giving lectures of different engineering topics, from physics and math to materials and dynamics. I also have experience as a Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London (2015-2018) and at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA, 2014).
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 16 Last Online: 12 Apr 2021
All-time Students: 2 Total Undergraduate MATLAB Hours: 0 Signed Up: 08 Sep 2019

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