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Yannis $78/hr

International Relations - University College London

5.0 (672 classes)

I teach a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses pertaining to the broad fields of Political Science, International Relations and International Political Economy, including among others, Theories of International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Comparative Politics, Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Institutions and Policies of the European Union, Emerging Market Economies, European Security, Sociology, Media Studies, and Qualitative Methods. Based on the excelle...
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 1047 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 30 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 391 Signed Up: 22 Jan 2019

Georgia $78/hr

PhD in International Affairs / History - King's College London

4.9 (227 classes)

Welcome to my page! I specialise in particular to University students, MA and PhD studies. I believe empowering students use their own potential is my greatest strength. My students feel optimistic and with a clear understanding on how to proceed with their essays and assignments after our lessons. Its all about giving the right tools- showing the right way to study. I work with students on essay structuring and developing of the argument. I focus on critical argumentation and review. We deve...
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Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 410 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 81 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 37 Signed Up: 06 Jan 2020

Matilda $60-70/hr

Political Theory - University College London

5.0 (26 classes)

2019-2021 Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, University College London Department of Political Science (nominated for university-wide PGTA award) 2019-2020 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Kings College London Philosophy Department (awarded GTA award) 2017-2021 Private tutoring in Politics and Philosophy at undergraduate and A-level.
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 21 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 7 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 5 Signed Up: 26 Mar 2021

anissa $78/hr

International Relations - London School of Economics

5.0 (38 classes)

I was a GTA at the London School of Economics where I taught courses on International Relations Theories, Contemporaries Political Theories, and a course on the International Relations of the Middle East. I also was co-convener of the LSE Ph.D. Middle East Workshop. Before my Ph.D. I worked as a journalist for two years and my coverage focused on International Affairs. This year is my first year tutoring privately and I hope you enjoy the process as much as I do.
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 40 Last Online: 22 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 8 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 4 Signed Up: 23 Oct 2020

Anastassiya $65-75/hr

PhD in Political Science - University of Canterbury

5.0 (24 classes)

I believe in playful pedagogy and non-linear learning. I will tailor tutorials to your goals and needs, making sure you work toward your short and long term achievements. Political Science can be rather overwhelming due to a lot of specific terminology and acronyms used, so my goal is to turn that into a form that is easier to understand and incorporate into your studies and life. In addition to completing an MA and a PhD, I undertook a special tutoring course, which gave me the tools to person...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 25 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 10 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 3 Signed Up: 01 Mar 2021

Jon $46/hr

Politics - Swansea

5.0 (212 classes)

I have successfully taught and tutored GCSE and A Level History for over 20 years, plus GCSE RE and A Level Politics. I have a strong academic background in my subjects and I am fully qualified teacher (PGCE). Since beginning my teaching career in 1998, I have successfully taught in six secondary schools in London and South-East, and I have wide knowledge and experience of all GCSE and iGCSE and A Level in History, RE , and Politics, plus IB. I am an experienced tutor, and my tutees have alwa...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 178 Last Online: 21 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 20 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 3 Signed Up: 26 Nov 2020

Chris $117/hr

BA Asian & Middle Eastern Studies; MA Korean Studies & East Asian Politics; MSc International Relations Research. - Cambridge; SOAS; LSE

5.0 (4 classes)

I have several years' experience of tutoring mainly undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of social science subjects. In particular, in accordance with my own research, I specialise in tutoring International Relations and Politics. I have also assisted a number of students with their general academic essay writing skills, as well as academic and professional application support. I have received consistently excellent feedback from my tutees. In some cases, tutees' grades have even ...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 5 Last Online: 10 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 2 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 2 Signed Up: 15 Feb 2020

Sasha $60-70/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

4.9 (372 classes)

I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford and have been tutoring a range of subjects for the last 9 years. I also have experience of living, working and studying in both France and Germany. Although my style of teaching is friendly and laid-back, I take immense pleasure from academic achievement and from inspiring others to achieve their academic g...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 396 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 25 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 0 Signed Up: 02 Dec 2016

Zoe $75-85/hr

Social Policy With Governnment - LSE (London School of Politics and Economics)

5.0 (80 classes)

I have tutored over 100 hours online. I have extensive experience tutoring undergraduates in essay-writing, both for exams and assignments, including dissertations. Essay subjects I have experience in include Social Policy, Public Health, Political Science, International Relations, and Nutrition. I also have experience tutoring students interested in applying to Medicine, preparing for interviews and entrance exams. Additionally, I have taught small groups of medical students on physiology, and...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 81 Last Online: 01 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 2 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 0 Signed Up: 08 Apr 2020

David $52/hr

Politics and International Relations - University of Aberdeen

5.0 (32 classes)

I have seven years of experience teaching and mentoring at university level in a wide variety of subjects. These include Research/Study Skills, Dissertation Supervision, Politics, International Relations, Strategic Studies, History, Sociology and Philosophy. I have also worked on the University of Aberdeen's 'Access to Degree Studies' program, which involved helping people back into education. I have taught extensively in both in-person and online settings, and fully appreciate the similarit...
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 33 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 12 Total Undergraduate International Relations Hours: 0 Signed Up: 22 Mar 2021

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