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5.0 16 hours in Dissertations Pharmacology And Pharmacy


Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - University

I am an enthusiastic and energetic tutor who is passionate about teaching Biological science and empowering students to excel within their own academic studies. I have been working as a professional tutor for over 4 years from GCSE to Postgraduate education. My overall philosophy of teaching is simple: I hope to make the students that I interact with somehow richer from their experience(s) with me. I hold a Bachelors degree from Queen Margaret University in pharmacology, a M...
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Recent Students: 20 Total Hours: 657
All-time Students: 84 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022


4.9 9 hours in Dissertations Pharmacology And Pharmacy


Pharmacy - University of Nottingham

I have teached pharmaceutical chemistry for 10 years with 2 years online teaching. I have uptodate access to most recent and leading resources of pharmacy. My teaching was based on Baghdad and I delivered my classes to final year pharmacy students. I have teached pharmaceutical chemistry, natural products, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical calculations and clinical pharmacy. Finally, I can help students revising their assignments, master dissertations and PhD thesis.
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Recent Students: 22 Total Hours: 375
All-time Students: 56 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022


5.0 4 hours in Dissertations Pharmacology And Pharmacy


Pharmacology - North West University

At a university level, I've lectured Pharmacology and Research methodology as well as supervised MSc and Ph.D. students for 8 years. My research areas include preclinical and clinical cardiovascular, psychiatry, neuroscience and pharmacology. I also have experience in tutoring anatomy, biology, and physiology at a university level.
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 246
All-time Students: 50 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022




Pharmacology MSci - University College London

I have a friendly, patient and enthusiastic approach to teaching. I believe each student learns differently and I can adapt my teaching style to suit their needs. I am able to explain particular concepts in a very clear and concise manner that has been well received by both my peers at University and students that I have tutored in the past. Furthermore, I believe the use of past examination papers are a fantastic tool in preparing for exams as well as reinforcing a student`s...
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Recent Students: 30 Total Hours: 682
All-time Students: 58 Last Online: 25 Jun 2022




Chemistry - University of Campinas - UNICAMP

I have over three years of teaching experience. It is the most satisfying job for me. I started teaching when I was at college and after that I realized I wanted to be a Professor. When I did my Master degree and my PhD I could teach for graduated courses under supervision of a Professor. After my PhD I started teaching Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and other related subjects at college for different courses like Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Pharmacy...
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 121
All-time Students: 12 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022

Dr William James



Medical Sciences, Anatomy and Surgery - University of Medical Science, Keele University School of Medicine, Queen Margaret's University

Assistant Dean Xavier University School of Medicine My role as an assistant dean and assistant professor of anatomy was to ensure that all areas of education within the basic medical sciences were met. I oversaw course curriculum, examination, assessment as well as admissions. Director of Anatomy St James School of Medicine My role as director of anatomy involved being responsible for all aspects of the anatomical curriculum in a medical school. As a director, I was ...
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Recent Students: 35 Total Hours: 667
All-time Students: 115 Last Online: 25 Jun 2022




Pharmacy - Hertfordshire

Having worked as a tutor over the last several years I understand the structure of the main exam boards, the problems that students face and the common topic areas where students lose marks. With regards to the lessons I firstly prefer to identify the students area of difficulty then build a structured plan. In terms of exam technique I have an understanding of the core topics which appear and core terminology that examiners are looking for, which I implement as high intensi...
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 147
All-time Students: 21 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022

Thomas Georgas



Immunology/ Microbiology - UCL

A university and A level -IB tutor in Biology for more than 10 years. He has also been a coach and mentor for UCL students as a UCL alumni member. A university tutor for more than 10 years. Specialism: immunology/ microbiology/pharmacology
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 22
All-time Students: 5 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022




Pharmacy - Nottingham

I have been involved in many aspects of pharmacy education throughout my career, latterly as senior lecturer at the Leicester School of Pharmacy. My work has included: writing and delivery of face to face and online lectures, seminars and tutorials in pharmacy practice; development of tools for self-evaluation of clinical skills; developing, running and scoring OSCEs and helping students prepare for these anxiety provoking exams; supervision of final year project students; p...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 63
All-time Students: 17 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022




PhD in Biomedical Science ( Department of Pharmacology) - UAE University

Biochemistry 1&2 Lab for Pharmacy and Dentistry Students. General Chemistry Lab for Pharmacy Students. Clinical pharmacy lab for the 5th year Pharmacy students. Online tutoring for pharmacology course
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 8
All-time Students: 2 Last Online: 24 Jun 2022

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