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5.0 45 hours in GCSE Chemistry


MSC in Chemistry . PGCE . - Kingston University (UK)

More than 20 years of tutoring and offering the highest quality of teaching in leading International Schools in the UK and and in Asia. IB examiner for more than 15 years. SAT maths coaching for many years. Ability to teach Chemistry and mathematics and I have produced some excellent results in many examination boards such as IB, IGCSE and GCE. ( Including 3 world prices for IGCSE ). Excellent feedback from students ( Please refer to client reviews section ) . Thank you...
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Recent Students: 44 Total Hours: 622
All-time Students: 50 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 43 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Biochemistry - University of Manchester

I have worked as a science tutor for the past two years and have loved every minute. During my PhD and subsequent time in academia I taught a range of levels and am expert in teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics from GCSE level up to University level. At higher levels of education I can teach my specialist subjects including Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Molecular Biology. With enthusiasm, careful planning and knowledge you can improve a students results and enjoy...
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Recent Students: 13 Total Hours: 825
All-time Students: 55 Last Online: 01 Jun 2023


5.0 34 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Biochemistry and Microbiology - Westminster university

I own a small tuition centre where I teach KS3+4 science to in-person students in groups of 3 to 5, and have been doing this for the past four years. I also tutor part-time in a local school where I specialise in teaching high-ability students with SEN. Since coronavirus I have been teaching classes In-person, online, and hybrid. Recently, I've also started teaching via spires in between my other classes. What I teach I teach biology, chemistry, physics, and natural geograph...
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Recent Students: 14 Total Hours: 147
All-time Students: 14 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 23 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Chemistry - University of Cambridge

I am a qualified teacher with over two years of experience teaching KS3 and KS4 (GCSE combined science and Triple science) and KS5 Chemistry in offline and online mainstream schools. I now tutor A-level and GCSE students IB Chemistry and Olympiad online full-time. I have tutoring experience in teaching A levels (OCR A and B Salters, Edexcel, AQA Exam Boards ) and GCSE (AQA and Edexcel board), Olympiad and IB Chemistry. My twenty years of experience working in high-tech ...
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 155
All-time Students: 12 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 16 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Natural Sciences - University of Middlesex in collaboration with CNELM and The Open University

I have been a full time science teacher for over 7 years teaching GCSE science and A level. I have tutored privately for 4 years at GCSE and A level chemistry and biology. As an exam marker I have an insight into exam technique and can help you improve your grades with lots of exam practice questions
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Recent Students: 35 Total Hours: 1725
All-time Students: 81 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 14 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Bachelor of Science Hon Degree in Chemical Technology - Midlands State University

I am a Chemistry and Biology tutor with 7+ years experience of teaching Chemistry and Biology up to A level/IB. I possess a Bsc Hon Degree in Chemical Engineering/Technology and a post graduate diploma in education. My main teaching approach is interactive learning which encourages engaging students and learning through activities. I am confident that you will find my tutoring lessons very enjoyable and easy to understand. I can quickly identify problematic areas that need at...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 90
All-time Students: 15 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 13 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Medical Physiology - University of Leicester

I have taught GCSE science in 3 schools and A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology for 2 years each. However I have been tutoring for GCSE since 2014 and A Levels for the past 3 years. My approach is simple: review your current knowledge, learn new content, fix any gaps and misconceptions and make sure you feel confident about what you know. I will question and dig deep to test how secure your knowledge is and practice the application in different contexts to get you thi...
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 52
All-time Students: 6 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


5.0 12 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Chemistry - University of Sheffield

I am a chemistry tutor with 30+ years experience of teaching chemistry up to A-level/IB. I am very familiar with various exam boards, including: - Edexcel A Level Chemistry Specifications (8CH0/9CH0) - Edexcel International A Level Specifications (XCH11/YCH11) - Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry (4CH1) - Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry (9701) - Cambridge IGCSE (9-1) Chemistry (0971) - Cambridge IGCSE Sciences - Co-ordinated (Double) (0973) - IB SL/HL Dip...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 544
All-time Students: 33 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


0.0 12 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Pharmacy - Hertfordshire

Having worked as a tutor over the last several years I understand the structure of the main exam boards, the problems that students face and the common topic areas where students lose marks. With regards to the lessons I firstly prefer to identify the students area of difficulty then build a structured plan. In terms of exam technique I have an understanding of the core topics which appear and core terminology that examiners are looking for, which I implement as high intensi...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 158
All-time Students: 25 Last Online: 23 Mar 2023


5.0 11 hours in GCSE Chemistry


Secondary and Science - Liverpool Hope University

I am a fully qualified teacher of Science with experience of AQA and Edexcel exam boards. I have been tutoring one-to-one throughout the University years and occasionally after the submission of my PhD thesis. I absolutely love tutoring as it enables me to put all of my time and energy into supporting my students, and tailor my teaching approach to suit their individual needs. My online sessions are taught on Zoom and I can provide support via email between sessions. Also,...
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Recent Students: 18 Total Hours: 853
All-time Students: 65 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023

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