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Vito $40-50/hr

Electronic Engineering/Physics - University of Cambridge

The entire point of academia is to spread knowledge; and an academic who cannot effectively communicate esoteric knowledge in my opinion not an academic at all. This is one of the reasons I'm very passionate about tutoring and teaching, it's incredibly important to my personal morals and existence even! I think this honest enthusiasm I have for maths and physics is what makes me an effective tutor. I try my best to ensure I create personalised homework and classwork based on your student's needs to push them as far as I can, and aid them in meeting their potential. I assess the most effective learning style for the student, in order to optimise the way I teach and attempt to gain the most from each tuition session. Above all, I try to make sure the student has fun whilst studying and wants to pursue studies further.

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6 total hours

Enric $40-50/hr

Bachelor of Law. Master in Politics. Qualified teacher - University of Barcelona

I have developed many valuable skills while teaching diverse groups in private and public schools. I taught in Oxford International College, Oxford Royale Academy, Oxford Individual Tuition and Abacus College. To large groups as well as one-to-one students.
I am able to teach Government and Politics, Philosophy, Ethics, Law. I am passionate about empowering secondary and Six Form students and helping them to develop their full potential.
I want that my students develop their critical thinking and that they are able defend a position with convincing arguments.

Roya $40-50/hr

Electronics and Computer Science - Queen Mary University of London

More than 10 years experience of teaching in higher education academy

Gbenga $40-50/hr

Economics and Management - University of Oxford

I believe I am a good tutor because I do not attempt to mimic the relationship that a student might have with their teacher. I've had experience tutoring GCSE Spanish during Sixth Form, and currently volunteer weekly to teach GCSE Spanish at Oxford Spires Academy. I have found this highly rewarding, especially where there is a noticeable improvement in a student's performance over time. In particular, I look to create an environment where students can feel comfortable asking questions, and therefore they can gain a better understanding of the course material.

Selali $40-50/hr

Medicine - University of Oxford

I have a wide range of tutoring experience in a variety of settings, and was a straight A student myself in every exam I sat in school.

Tutor, Self Employed, Oxford and London (2013 - Present)
- Experience teaching Key Stage, GCSE and A-level Maths and Sciences

Performance Coach, Out of the Blue A Cappella, Oxford, UK (2010 - 2013)
- Facilitated hundreds of vocal musical and confidence building workshops
- Worked in the UK, Sri Lanka, Japan, Hong Kong and the USA
- Tailored lessons to group size, cultural factors and previous musical experience of participants

Research Assistant, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (October 2012 - March 2013)
- Researched the cognitive effects of musical training on literacy acquisition in children
- Designed and taught weekly music lessons over 8 weeks to classes of 17 students

Global Xchange, Team Member, Nigeria and UK (April 2010 - September 2010)
- 3 months in Nigeria teaching biology one on one and in classes in a special needs school
- 3 months in Essex providing youth services

World Challenge, Challenger, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (June - July 2010)
- Helped to educate local children about the natural environment and encourage healthy lifestyles

Volunteer Primary Teaching, UK (September – December 2009)
- Assisted in a primary school class, aiding in reading, writing and arithmetic


Oliver $40-50/hr

Land Economy - University of Cambridge

I have tutored for approximately three years, mostly students at my school in sixth form who needed help or were struggling with coursework. I think what distinguishes me from most other "tutors" is not the amount of knowledge I have; instead, it is that I have an ability to summarise and break down complex information into the most simplistic concepts. My former tutees have appreciated this approach and have found it easy to follow the logical and straightforward my outlook on tutoring.

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42 total hours

Robert $40-50/hr

BA Physiological Sciences - University of Oxford

I've tutored to A-level standard since I was a teenager and have worked part-time as tutor with Oxbridge Applications tutoring university entrance for the past 6 years.

As a PhD student I also have a real passion for biological sciences and building knowledge for the sake of learning which I aim to pass on to my students.

Between successful applications to and interviewing prospective candidates for undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship roles I have a tonne of experience with how to build a personal statement and present on previous work/interests.

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