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Mary $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - University of Oxford

I think that a good tutor combines academic ability with an ability to understand how frustrating it is when you don't understand something. I feel that I can offer both.

In terms of academic ability and experience, I have just graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I am an ambitious and driven person, but equally I know what it feels like to be stuck with an idea or topic (this has happened to me many times over my academic career!) so I can offer support in dealing with these difficulties. In terms of teaching experience, last year I volunteered as a teacher in India, teaching classes of 30 in a wide range of subjects. Given that there was a language barrier, I had to communicate complex ideas in simple terms and sustain their attention. I also worked as an Academic Mentor for Wadham College Politics Summer School, which involved discussing ideas with students, giving feedback on their essays, and advising them about applying to Oxford.

Archie $55-65/hr

Double 1st - Cambridge

I have been a private tutor for over 3-years, teaching Classical subjects up to A-Level (OCR, Pre-U). I also have a year's classroom experience teaching Latin & Ancient Greek, including Oxbridge entrance, up to A-Level at Dulwich College, which has really benefited my ability to communicate ideas clearly, and of course has given me a much more nuanced understanding of syllabus requirements.

I believe that the best one-to-one tutors create a positive and approachable working environment, and experience tells me this is the best way to achieve high results. I aim to build a friendly atmosphere that allows students to push themselves towards their potential. I know that a key part of developing a student’s self-belief is pin-pointing the best method of learning for the individual, and as such I am always looking for different ways to teach a subject that might help build confidence and understanding. I have been trained in 7+ and 11+ exam tuition.

Andrew $40-50/hr

Computer Science - University of Cambridge

At college I was part of tutoring programme, helping the first year A level students. In addition throughout this time I also received tutoring for my qualifications so I understand the needs and requirements of a tutee. Throughout the past few years I have also attended many events such as the Young Rewired State Festival of Code where I tutored children aged 10-16 with web development.

Alex $40-50/hr

English - Universities of York and Warwick

I am an excellent communicator, so able to explain complicated things easily. I love my subject and my enthusiasm shines through. I'm kind and positive with pupils, and always willing to go the extra mile.

Hebe $35-45/hr

Ancient History - University of Birmingham

I qualified from the University of Sussex in 2018 with a Distinction in Classics teacher training. During that year I taught at a secondary school and a sixth form college, teaching GSCE Latin and Classics, A level Classics, and running group revision/ review sessions for the students.

I have taught abroad in Namibia (2013 - 2014), and in China (Summer of 2016). During my time in China I was teaching at an English summer camp and I received my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Currently I am a full time PhD Ancient History researcher. I also work part time as a supply teacher for the local schools.

For the last couple of years I have done online tutoring on a range of websites, mainly introduction to Latin or Latin grammar revision, as well as a focus on helping students improve their essay writing techniques

Daniel $40-50/hr

Mathematics - University of Cambridge

I have extensive experience tutoring family friends for maths gcse and a levels. I also have experience teaching lower years at Cambridge at maths workshops. What makes me a good tutor is that I am very friendly and down to earth. I took Physics, Economics, Maths and Further Maths to A-Level so feel confident teaching these. I also have a lot if experience advising students on Oxbridge applications so can help out with personal statements and mock interviews for Mathematics applicants and also Science/Engineering applicants preparing for a maths based interview.

Oliver $40-50/hr

History - Oxford University

I have a great passion for the subjects I teach and a love for passing that enthusiasm and interest on to others. I have tutored students from all ages, from Key Stage 3, and common entrance, through GCSE, A-level to undergraduate level. History is a wonderful subject that offers perspective and challenges you to put yourself ‘in the shoes’ of people in the past; as such this approach is also a useful way of writing thought provoking and successful exam and dissertation answers. I also tutor in Politics, Geography and English as a foreign language. Indeed, having a good grasp of the political, geographical and historical conditions that shaped past events and decisions is essential to answering a question successfully.

Jasmine $40-50/hr

Economics and Management - University of Oxford

I have been tutoring for the last four years, both freelance and with Kumon UK. I am good at working on both knowledge and technique, and can explain things intuitively because I think it's important to understand things instead of just memorising it (makes it much easier to retain!) but also have the right technique to score well in exams.

Daniel $40-50/hr

BSc - University of Cape Town

I love Computer Science and programming. I am a third year student at the University of Cape Town studying CS and Clinical and Neuro Psychology. I am proficient in Java and Python, but can adapt to other languages as necessary.

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Lucy $40-50/hr

Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - University of Oxford

I tutored throughout my undergraduate career in French, Latin, and Greek, and I worked for two years in my college Writing Center as a peer writing tutor, helping students with every step of the writing process from brain storming to revising final work.

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