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Medicine - University of Sydney



16 hours in Postgraduate Anatomy

I have vast experience in Medical tuition. I have helped many students improve their performance in medical school and licensing examinations. I also help clients in GAMSAT and MCAT examinations. I have been tutoring medical students for multiple years and can adapt to your best learning style.
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Recent Students: 51
Total Hours: 1242
Classes Taught: 1050
All-time Students: 60
Last Online:
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Dr William James

Medical Sciences, Anatomy and Surgery - University of Medical Science, Keele University School of Medicine, Queen Margaret's University



9 hours in Postgraduate Anatomy

Assistant Dean Xavier University School of Medicine My role as an assistant dean and assistant professor of anatomy was to ensure that all areas of education within the basic medical sciences were met. I oversaw course curriculum, examination, assessment as well as admissions. Director of Anat...
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Recent Students: 26
Total Hours: 1414
Classes Taught: 1293
All-time Students: 199
Last Online:
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Anatomy - University of Edinburgh


6 hours in Postgraduate Anatomy

I have taught 1000's of students having delivered 100's of sessions (lectures, practical's and online sessions) over 7 years at Edinburgh Medical School. Student cohorts consist of: - MBChB Y1-Y5 medical students - BSc students (Biomedical Science, Medical Sciences, Anatomy and Development) - MSc Hu...
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Recent Students: 1
Total Hours: 6
Classes Taught: 5
All-time Students: 1
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Exercise and Health Science - University of Bath



6 years teaching experience of undergraduate degree students on the following degree programmes (University of Bath) Academic and Professional Experience at: Loughborough University, University of Bath, Cardiff Met University and University of Exeter >2 years successful online tutoring on Spires and...
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Recent Students: 12
Total Hours: 252
Classes Taught: 278
All-time Students: 34
Last Online:
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Pharmacology - Dr. NTR University of health sciences.



Presently I am working at the Dr. Patnam Mahender Reddy Institute of health sciences as a medical educator in the department of Clinical Pharmacology which involves teaching undergraduate medical students and conducting practical sessions such as drug dose calculations, drug administration, rational...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 26
Classes Taught: 25
All-time Students: 3
Last Online:
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Pharmacology - North West University



At a university level, I've lectured Pharmacology and Research methodology as well as supervised MSc and Ph.D. students for 13 years. At undergraduate and high school level I've lectured numerous science subjects including Biology. My research areas include preclinical and clinical cardiovascular, p...
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Recent Students: 38
Total Hours: 623
Classes Taught: 646
All-time Students: 116
Last Online:
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Medicine and Biology - University of Leeds



I have been teaching for 10 years at the University of Leeds as an academic, lecturing and teaching biology, chemistry, bioengineering and medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I also supervise research students in their projects. who have gone on to receive First Class and Distinction ...
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Recent Students: 13
Total Hours: 55
Classes Taught: 39
All-time Students: 13
Last Online:
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Anatomy - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences


An experienced and dedicated educator with a profound grasp of Anatomy and embryology, possessing the ability to elucidate complex concepts effortlessly and skillfully. Eager to share knowledge in the fundamental field of Medical Sciences, particularly Anatomy. Completed MD (Doctor of Medicine) at t...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 11
Classes Taught: 7
All-time Students: 2
Last Online:
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Medicine - University College London



As previously mentioned, I have a particular passion relating to widening participation to medical school. If people have the work ethic and ability to pursue a successful medical school application then I would like to see them realise those ambitions. I have achieved this through my independent wo...
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Recent Students: 4
Total Hours: 15
Classes Taught: 10
All-time Students: 4
Last Online:
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Neurobiology - University of Sussex



Doctoral Tutor - 5 years experience, teaching topics from the core building blocks of life right up to systems neuroscience. Strong focus on anatomy, human biology and genetics. My approach to teaching is to tackle the problems at the student's level, it makes no sense to explain a topic like biolog...
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Recent Students: 5
Total Hours: 17
Classes Taught: 17
All-time Students: 5
Last Online:
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