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Gbenga $40-50/hr

Economics and Management - University of Oxford

I believe I am a good tutor because I do not attempt to mimic the relationship that a student might have with their teacher. I've had experience tutoring GCSE Spanish during Sixth Form, and currently volunteer weekly to teach GCSE Spanish at Oxford Spires Academy. I have found this highly rewarding, especially where there is a noticeable improvement in a student's performance over time. In particular, I look to create an environment where students can feel comfortable asking questions, and therefore they can gain a better understanding of the course material.

Gbenga's last completed A Level job with Temitope: - My son needs a tutor for AQA As and A2 Spanish. He is preparing for exams in Summer 2017

Selali $40-50/hr

Medicine - University of Oxford

I have a wide range of tutoring experience in a variety of settings, and was a straight A student myself in every exam I sat in school.

Tutor, Self Employed, Oxford and London (2013 - Present)
- Experience teaching Key Stage, GCSE and A-level Maths and Sciences

Performance Coach, Out of the Blue A Cappella, Oxford, UK (2010 - 2013)
- Facilitated hundreds of vocal musical and confidence building workshops
- Worked in the UK, Sri Lanka, Japan, Hong Kong and the USA
- Tailored lessons to group size, cultural factors and previous musical experience of participants

Research Assistant, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (October 2012 - March 2013)
- Researched the cognitive effects of musical training on literacy acquisition in children
- Designed and taught weekly music lessons over 8 weeks to classes of 17 students

Global Xchange, Team Member, Nigeria and UK (April 2010 - September 2010)
- 3 months in Nigeria teaching biology one on one and in classes in a special needs school
- 3 months in Essex providing youth services

World Challenge, Challenger, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (June - July 2010)
- Helped to educate local children about the natural environment and encourage healthy lifestyles

Volunteer Primary Teaching, UK (September – December 2009)
- Assisted in a primary school class, aiding in reading, writing and arithmetic


Selali's last completed A Level job with Inderpal Kaur: 1-2_HOURS - OCR A Board

Oliver $40-50/hr

Land Economy - University of Cambridge

I have tutored for approximately three years, mostly students at my school in sixth form who needed help or were struggling with coursework. I think what distinguishes me from most other "tutors" is not the amount of knowledge I have; instead, it is that I have an ability to summarise and break down complex information into the most simplistic concepts. My former tutees have appreciated this approach and have found it easy to follow the logical and straightforward my outlook on tutoring.

Oliver's last completed A Level job with Chikondi: -

Nkem $40-50/hr

Foreign Languages and Literature - University of Port Harcourt

Tailoring each session to suit individual needs, I have successfully tutored several students and helped them gain admission to top selective schools in the UK. I have a vast range of experience teaching both children and adults. I am passionate about English and I pass that passion on to my students. Once I take a student on, I commit to seeing them through to accomplishing their goals. My teaching is practical, engaging and enlightening.

Harry $40-50/hr

Theology and Religious Studies - University of Cambridge

I have experience working in schools and will soon be applying for a PGCE, I already have a good understanding and ability to work with students which I really want to develop. Anything I don't yet know I have real motivation to learn and will always give 100%

My approach begins by breaking down and explaining complex concepts/theories appropriate to any level and focusing on critical thinking - I both offer and encourage informed reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of ideas. Enabling you to gain a better understanding of the content in an unbiased context with room for mutual discussion and the capacity to further explore areas of specific interest.

Particular areas of interest:
Judaism - Jewish law, Judaism in modernity, Jewish practice, Zionism, Holocaust theology, gender (+more)
Buddhism - history, teachings and practice.
Questions in the philosophy of religion - the nature of God, arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, free will/determinism, freedom, love, and religion and science.
Philosophers of religion - Plato, Kierkegaard, Aquinas, Anselm, Descartes
Ethics - Kantian, Utilitarianism, Virtue theory, Hume, meta-ethics (realism and anti-realism).
Anthropology of religion - Fundamentalism, gender, new media and technology, colonialism and religion (+more)
World Christianities - the Comaroffs' thesis, Filipino Christianity, Liberation Theolog...

Thomas $40-50/hr

Natural Sciences - University of Cambridge

I prepare for every tutorial, trying to find the best way to explain the theory or concept that's troubling you. My tutorials will be designed around you, as I make sure to cover what you need to know for your specific exam syllabus. I've recently done all the exams myself, so I know what's required to get a great mark, and I can teach you too. No matter what you're finding difficult, I'm sure I can explain it so you can understand!

William $40-50/hr

Mathematics with Finance at University of Leeds - Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

I have taught Maths in Secondary schools for the past 3 years since gaining QTS and qualifying with a PGCE at Bishop Grosseteste University. I have been described as a patient and compassionate tutor, who has led training on effective teaching of mathematics concepts across all subjects. As a Numeracy Coordinator, I have championed Maths to staff and students at school, engaging and encouraging students to embrace Maths in everyday life.

William's last completed A Level job with Nicholas: Occasional - test

William's last review in A Level from Nicholas: Prime Factor Decomposition Great maths lesson

Xueli $50-60/hr

Bachelor - Beijing Language and Culture University​

2016-2017 Mandarin House and CMandarin, two popular language schools in Shenzhen, China
​2018-Current two well-known Language Schools in the Czech Republic

Xueli's last completed A Level job with stephany: Over 2 hrs/week - i am thinking about moving to china and would like to be able to speak the language

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20 total hours

Matthew $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - University of Oxford

I am both an experienced and passionate tutor. Throughout Sixth Form and University, I would regularly tutor both maths and economics - from key stage 2 level all the way up to university level!

Any sessions we have will be completely focused on you! That means we’ll concentrate on topics you most want to cover and on specific difficulties or questions you might have. I like there to be a very informal and casual environment in tutorials in which you feel comfortable asking any and every question that you want some help with. I am both very comfortable with the content of the courses I offer but also understand the importance of exam technique and practice - something that would be focused on too.

Matthew's last completed A Level job with Brenda: 1-2 hrs/week - My son has chosen a controversial topic for his A levels extended project dissertation at Hills Road 6th form (Facism).

His paper has been preliminarily reviewed by the administration and they’ve given him an extension to edit and provide balance to the dissertation. He’s struggling to do this and the school is not helpful.

We’re hoping to find a tutor that can support our son with his conservative views while still mentoring him to provide balance to the overall dissertation.

We feel that he’ll be more responsible since to a conservative ally that can help him with the approach.

Alexander $40-50/hr

PGCE Biology - Oxford University

As a qualified teacher I am passionate about tutoring Biology. My aim is to enthuse students in this interesting, yet challenging subject. Over the years I have helped many students achieve top marks in their exams. I work diligently with my tutees to help improve their confidence and understanding.

I graduated Durham University in 2012 with a 2.1 in biology. I then went on to do my teacher training at Oxford University and am now studying part-time for my masters in wildlife biology and conservation.

Teaching Experience:
I spent the last two years teaching A-level and GCSE biology in a London sixth-form college. Prior to this I taught biology in secondary schools around Oxford. In addition to my teaching job I have also helped many tutees on an individual basis. I have up-to-date knowledge of the latest teaching methodologies and curriculum requirements. I will use my experience to deliver engaging and highly beneficial tuition.

Approach to Tutoring:
I believe that given the right guidance, every student can achieve. I enjoy working with the learner to address topics that they may be struggling with and to identify gaps in their understanding.

No single strategy or technique works with all students. My teaching style is very flexible and the approach for each lesson is tailored entirely to the individual learners requirements. From the very start my aim is to work with the learner to devise a structured plan that will enable them to succeed.

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