Vittoria $30-40/hr

Master's Degree in Italian L2 Teaching - Università per Stranieri di Perugia

I have been tutoring for quite some time people of all ages - but mostly university students. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching Italian as an L2 to foreigners; during the course of my studies I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned so far, through hours of shadowing and internship at Italian language and culture courses for foreigners offered at my university. I also furthered my training at La Dante in Cambridge (UK) where I taught small classes and one to one sessions - this gave me the opportunity to teach any kind of level.

Jay $35-45/hr

Film Studies A-Level - Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Providing IT tuition as part of existing work roles for past 19 years.
I have been a professional film maker for over 14 years for both corporate and film drama.

Don $40-50/hr

PhD - University College London

I care deeply about my students' success and have a passion for education, preparing thoroughly and rigorously for each new placement. I also offer a flexible and easy-going service and have a relaxed and professional manner.
With thousands of hours of tutoring under my belt, I have the experience to handle any problems that might arise. I also now help to train other tutors for online tuition, which is a good opportunity to share techniques and knowledge. I often learn a lot from these sessions, further increasing my effectiveness as a professional tutor.

Christian $40-50/hr

Biological Sciences - University of Oxford

I have been a tutor since October 2016. Before this, I tutored maths to students of varying ages during Sixth Form. Further to this, I have been a classroom assistant for children at Prae Wood Primary School and drama classes at Best Theatre Arts and Prae Wood Primary School. Both of these roles involved working with children with special needs.

Paige $40-50/hr

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics - University of Oxford

I have been teaching/tutoring (although not originally in an academic capacity) since the age of 14, where I started working as a dance teacher at my dance school, teaching everyone from the under 8's to the 60+. During the past 7 years, I have mastered the art of how to tailor my tutoring style to the needs of the person.

I also have experience tutoring in an informal capacity at GCSE through to University level. I helped tutor by brother through his GCSE's and continue to help him in his final year at college (A Level). I have also assumed the role of resident dissertation/thesis/extended essay proof-reader and English grammar 'coach' for many of my friends during their university careers.

Finally, I have lead many UCAS and university admissions talks and workshops, specialising in the TSA admissions test (and the linguistic aptitude section of the MLAT), and personal statement writing.

Shiv $75-85/hr

Chemical Engineering - Loughborough University

I run training sessions for undergraduate engineering students employeed at my current workplace. This is typically on industry-related topics but i am happy to do most topics from GCSE to A-level in Maths, Physics and Chemistry as well as chemical engineering or oil and gas related related subjects.

In addition i mentor A-level students at a local sixth form college to broaden their outlook on future careers and help them achieve the goals that they have set.

Laura $40-50/hr

Economics - University of Cambridge

I started tutoring economics two years ago to local GCSE economics students in my university vacations. I tailor my sessions to the student and their abilities and make sure they are engaged and want to learn more.

During summer 2015 I also traveled to China and taught economics for 8 weeks to 16-17 year old Chinese students applying to UK universities and Oxford and Cambridge. This focused on taking students beyond the A-level syllabus and consulting on personal statements. I also conducted mock interviews and provided feedback on problem questions that I created for the students to test their ability.

I have experience of teaching one-on-one and in a classroom with up to 12 students, and have tutored a range of abilities. I am adaptable and hard-working and make sure my sessions are fully prepared and engaging.

Anastassia $40-50/hr

Social and Developmental Psychology - University of Cambridge

Tutoring is a fun challenge for both you and I - it is a collaboration; it is a process of sharing ideas until a concrete outcome takes place or is in sight. In my experience, this approach has been extremely effective in reaching the desired results or goals, irrespective of initial gaps in knowledge or age.

Dora $20-30/hr

BSc (Hons) (Open) - Politics and Sociolinguistics - and BSc (Hons) in Computing - University of Gloucestershire

I am a fully qualified, experienced and highly-skilled teacher. I specialise in tutoring both English and Maths to students aged 11 to undergraduate. I have substantial experience supporting children with SEN ( including dyslexia, ASD, communication/ memory/ reading difficulties), as well as essay and academic writing. Developing a meaningful, trusting relationship with my students is very important; I am very nurturing and positive, and always ensure that my students feel relaxed and comfortable when we are working together. I tailor-make all of my sessions to match the specific needs of the students. Alongside supporting children to advance academically, I ensure my 1:1 personalised sessions help to develop a student’s sense of worth, and that they are left feeling successful and accomplished.

In addition, I have a CELTA Cambridge and very able to support children who speak English as a second or additional language. I recently supported a student to gain a distinction in her academic essay about The Internet of Things at London South Bank University. I provide a full essay and writing package to include: – the structure of writing and assignments;– writing for a given purpose (e.g. to argue / persuade / describe, etc.);– sentence length variation and complexity;– use of diverse punctuation;– choice of topic-specific vocabulary and literary techniques;– developing confidence in writing. I am also able to provide complete 11+ preparation including maths, numerical reasoning, English (comprehension and composition), verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Emelen $40-50/hr

Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - University of Oxford

Since finishing my MSt, I've been tutoring students in classical languages. I've also had the chance to hone my writing and editing skills through my BA and MSt theses, and too many weekly essays to count. So, I'm well qualified to help with essay or thesis planning or proofing. Last but not least, I'm passionate and knowledgable about my subject, particularly Latin literature, and love discussing ideas with other people!

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