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Mohammed $40-50/hr

DPhil Chemical Engineering - University of Oxford

I have tutored undergraduates for the past 3 years at the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford. I have closely worked with two Masters students (who have both achieved First Class thesis) and 8 undergraduate students at two colleges in the University of Oxford. I have also worked wit the admissions office at Lady Margaret Hall to assist in both marking entrance tests and conducting UCAS interviews at the college.

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Peter $45-55/hr

Electronic Engineering with Foundation - University of Westminster

Now approaching 10 years as an Electronics Design Engineer and Leading Electronics Teams designing Laboratory Instruments and Large Machines, I am responsible for Circuit Designs and training of Engineers and Graduates. I have always tutored students from I myself was a student, through to today, where I have now successfully tutored and seen many students through their Module Exams, Full Degrees and even lead them into successful careers.

I currently lead Electronics and Mechanical teams as Lead Hardware Engineer to a Medical Company designing Neonatal Ventilators. I train Engineers, Graduates and Non-Technical Staff, as well as prepare documentation and organise Projects for success and on-time and on-budget delivery.

Tutoring students, my style is to synchronise our efforts with their Module Notes, while adding in strong and practical understanding of governing and foundational principles, while we tackle the theory and associated equations. Adding a modern and relevant industrial perspective is my unique offering in this process. Our efforts are entirely driven by the student, slowing down on more challenging topics, and drilling into a depth of detail appropriate to my student. Satisfying desired deadlines for covering course materials and preparing courseworks will always be the main drive of how our time is prepared.

As a tutor, I have supported individuals studying A-Levels, BTEC and of course studying at University, up to PhD level in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, as well as Computer Science. I am certainly also happy, and competent to support students in Physics and Mathematics as desired.

Imran $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

Coming from a local state school, I have experienced some of the difficulties that come with teaching yourself beyond the syllabus or even asking the teacher for that extra bit of time to go over certain key topics one more time. I have been tutoring for over 3 years now with several different organisations including Schools Plus, MyTutorWeb as well as Paiwand Afgan Association.

I believe that the best way to learn is really a good dialogue between teacher and student about a topic and then getting stuck in with applications. I feel that the key skill a lot of students lack, at least initially is the knack of being able to spend the least amount of time possible on the raw theory and then getting stuck into real life questions to fully solidify your understanding.

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Mahmoud $40-50/hr

Mechanical Engineering - The University of Manchester

The main idea of tutoring is to bridge the gap between the student and knowledge and to make it easier for him/her. For each student, the tutor should have a way that suitable his/her level.

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Huan $40-50/hr

D.Phil - University of Oxford

I have tutoring experience of 70+ hours, working with undergraduates, high school students and even primary school pupils. Tutoring subjects cover computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and CHINESE Mandarin. I have a bachelor and a master degree in (computer) engineering and am currently working towards a doctorate at University of Oxford. I am good at combining theoretical knowledge with illustrative presentation, e.g. figure or table. I use interactive Q&A to ensure students would seize the gist of certain knowledge with high amount of focus. Also I would like to share my previous study experience with students and try to come up with suitable learning methods according to students' actual circumstances.

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Jonathan $295-305/hr

Mechancial Engineering - Loughborough University & Imperial College London

3+ Years of private tutoring focusing on Matlab and engineering sciences

Tutoring across all years of the Imperial College Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering:

ME2 Thermodynamics - Engine test lab demonstration and coursework marking.

ME3 Thermodynamics and Energy - Tutorials.

ME4 Vehicle Propulsion Technology - Assist in coursework preparation, marking and the supporting tutorials.

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Garrie $40-50/hr

Aeronautical Engineering - University of Glasgow

I have tutored since 2011 when I began part-time while conducting postgraduate research. Since then I have gone full time, and have had unprecedented levels of success at all levels of tuition in STEM subjects.

My tuition comprises having interesting conversations with students about their subjects of choice, and then using those conversations to inform exam practice. I guide my students through all aspects of the learning process, from introducing the fundamentals, acquiring practice-based skills, developing to more advanced material, and optimising their exam technique to ensure success.

I have had a wide variety of teaching experience, including lecturing at a the University of Glasgow, a global top 100 institution, in their highly esteemed School of Engineering. I have also lectured in the University of Strathclyde's world-renowned Faculty of Engineering. I have also supervised Masters level research projects.

As a tutor, I have helped over 100 pupils to success over the years.

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Peter $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

I am a driven individual who is dedicated to helping those students who want an Oxbridge place, for physics or engineering, to get one. I am no pushover. I will ask you challenging questions and make sure that you are outside of your intellectual comfort zone, to coerce from you your very best performance when it is needed.

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Miguel $40-50/hr

Mechanical Engineering - Durham University

I regularly tutored GCSE level while I was studying for my A-levels at school, so I know how to tailor a tutorial to an individual in order for them to maximise the benefit that they receive. I try and breakdown the root cause of the misunderstanding around a topic by building from the ground up the fundamental knowledge required so that the student can not only answer the questions, but also understand the theory well enough to apply it in different situations. I do this by asking questions at first to gauge the position of the pupil and move onwards from there.

Mark $40-50/hr

BSc. Hons - University of Cape Town

I am well traveled and interested in many different things. I have an Architecture degree which taught me to communicate abstract and complicated ideas effectively and to think outside the box when approaching a problem. I also have a Mechanical Engineering degree which taught me rigorous logic and gave me a solid grounding in Maths and Physics. I have 2 and a half years experience of tutoring high school students in Maths and Science and currently work for a consulting firm designing water treatment works.

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