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153 hours in A Level History

Toby $75-85/hr

History of Technology - University of Oxford

I've worked successfully as a tutor for GCSE and A-Level students for a number of years now, helping them drastically improve their grades. I've also done considerable work as a university supervisor and mentor for undergraduate, master's, and first-year doctoral students at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and other institutions. My expertise is in university admissions, and I have recently written a bestselling book on History admissions for Oxford, the Ultimate History Aptitude Test Guide.

My approach is mainly trust based, my students are often amazed by just how much they can do for themselves if they're in a learning environment that isn't adversarial, oppressive, or plain dull. Beyond A-Level, I also have teaching experience at the University of Oxford as a tutor and seminar leader for undergraduate history and sociology students, and I have degrees in both Archaeology and History. My background of experience is technological, and I work as a civilian consultant to the NASA Ames Human Factors laboratory in that capacity. Central to my approach is an understanding that my students are people, with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, which need to be nurtured and supported in order to get the best possible results.

In this way, learning can, and should be of a reciprocal exchange of ideas, and by embracing this in a more relaxed and curiosity-driven approach, it becomes far easier for many to explore, absorb, and abstract their understanding of both the surface learning of school qualifications, and the deep learning of the concepts behind them crucial to getting the very highest grades.

Toby's last completed A Level History job with delicia: 1-2 hrs/week - History: Edexcel A level
Britain Transformed: 1918-79
USA: Conformity and Challenge 1955-92
I’m aiming for an A overall.

Toby's last review in A Level History from Maryam: Britain Transformed. The class was very informative!

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136 hours in A Level History

Andrew $40-50/hr

BA Geography - University of Leicester

My name is Andrew Laming an experienced teacher of Geography from the UK.

I have been a teacher of Geography since 2003 and have worked in many successful secondary schools. I have been a Head of Geography in two schools for a period of 7 years. I have taught in a range of different schools from state to girls grammar and an independent school.

I have been an online tutor since September 2016 and am also a face to face tutor as well. I have taught many students and do specialise in A Level. I have also tutored students from many prestigious independent schools such as Marlborough College, Charter House, Godolphin School and Mount Kelly School and have enabled the students to achieve very high grades.

I tutor GCSE Geography and History and A Level Geography and History, and have taught all the main examination boards in my sessions: AQA, Cambridge igcse, Edexcel, OCR & Wjec Eduqas.
I have experience of tutoring international students and have taught students in Athens, Bahrain, California, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Kuwait.

I have been for several years an expert examiner for Edexcel for GCSE and A Level Geography. This has given me an inside knowledge as to what exam boards expect and look for in the answers of students.

I strive to get the best results as possible for my students and will always follow the exam board specification used by my students and this enables them to be as successful as possible.

Andrew's last completed A Level History job with Mrithika : 1-2 hrs/week - My friend suggested a tutor called Andrew would it be possible to have him as a tutor for my daughter please inform. Thanks

Andrew's last review in A Level History from madeleine: Andrew has been my history tutor for only a short while and I am sad to have been forced to say goodbye so soon. Andrew is funny and friendly whilst being down to earth; something rare these days. He has built up my confidence massively as I am now achieving grades far beyond what I had hoped. I am only disappointed that I do not get to prove his successive sessions in an exam this summer.

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254 total hours

131 hours in A Level History

Chris $55-65/hr

PhD in History - King's College London

I have over 300 hours of history tutoring experience online, and I am particularly well versed on the requirements for the OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam board. My tutoring sessions are tailored towards the specific needs and goals of my students. Whether these are improving grades, keeping on top of homework, preparation for coursework and exams, or simply needing an explanation of specific concepts, I’m here to provide a session that meets your requirements. I will identify both short and long term issues the student may have with their courses, and establish solutions and goals for solving them. I particularly aim to help students improve their writing and exam essay techniques. I use a simple but effective system for this: firstly by using exercises designed to improve understanding and appreciation of the requirements of exam essay questions, followed by introducing skills and techniques for constructing time-efficient essay plans, and finally a rigorous focus on improving writing quality, essay structure, critical analysis and argument development through practice essays with extensive feedback. Using this system I have helped students dramatically improve their exam essay writing techniques and achieve the higher grades they were aiming for.

Chris's last completed A Level History job with Joel: 1-2 hrs/week - I am re-doing my exam in autumn I would like someone to help me refine my exam technique for the exam and help me to prepare. I want someone who is very familiar with the spec and use to getting people A/A*

Chris's last review in A Level History from Sarah: Free initial chat. Great initial chat. Looking forward to starting the lessons

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60 hours in A Level History

Natalya $49/hr

2:1 - Oxford

I have taught A Level History for twelve years in a sixth form college and I have been tutoring online for two. I am dedicated to helping young people reach their potential and in 2018, my students averaged one grade higher than their predicted A Level grades. I have a great deal of experience in working one-to-one with students and I always aim to make my tutorials enjoyable and supportive, whilst encouraging great progress with both coursework and exam preparation. I have also assisted over a hundred students with their Oxbridge applications, and I work closely with university admission tutors. I am experienced in helping students prepare personal statements and applications, as well as in providing mock interviews and advice on admissions tests.

Natalya's last completed A Level History job with karen: 1-2 hrs/week - My daughter needs specific help with essay writing

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116 total hours

56 hours in A Level History

Charlie $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - University of Oxford

I have been tutoring Maths and Economics on the side of my studies for the past 7 years now. In addition to these subjects, I have a broad range of experience tutoring History - I got also national prize for my A-Level! I think that writing style is perhaps the most important thing you can develop during the GCSE/A-Level years, and I can help you make sure that you write in a clear, coherent and confident manner. Finally, I'm happy to help with those daunting UCAS applications, Oxbridge interviews, and any other aspect of university applications.

Charlie's last completed A Level History job with Fiona smith : 1-2 hrs/week - Needs assistance with exam technique

Charlie's last review in A Level History from Siobhan: Hi Olivia, no worries. Here's the lesson scheduled for 2.30 UK time. Tell me if it comes through at the wrong time! See you then for the last session. Bring any questions along, and if you manage to do a US essay I will mark it before hand. Cheers :). Charlie It was a very informative lesson. I have learned a lot.

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87 total hours

52 hours in A Level History

Thomas $45-55/hr

History - University of Edinburgh

I am a qualified and experienced history teacher as well as A Level examiner/marker. I have taught students to the highest level, achieving grade 9s at GCSE and A*s at A Level, including those who have found elements of the subject challenging. I have experience for several exam boards and multiple topics and have also taught the coursework element of the A Level, with my marking being described as 'exemplary' by the moderators. History is a subject that everyone is able to succeed in and I believe in making the tasks seem as simple as possible, breaking down exam techniques into easy strategies and focusing on useful, relevant content. I have a Master's degree in history and am currently studying for a PhD, focusing on 17th Century England.

Thomas's last completed A Level History job with Francesca: 1-2 hrs/week - I am currently struggling with my 17th century England module of my history a level course. I want to achieve an A in my history a level, but I do need some more content support to achieve this and fulfil my aim.

Thomas's last review in A Level History from Olivia: Stuarts or...? Very informative and great essay advice

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54 total hours

43 hours in A Level History

Christopher $50-60/hr

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) - University of Oxford

I have contributed to the teaching of core Greek history modules at Magdalen College, Oxford, and have provided face-to-face tutoring on an informal basis for a number of clients over the last five years.

Christopher's last completed A Level History job with Philip: 1-2 hrs/week - Keen to apply to oxbridge

Christopher's last review in A Level History from Ali: Free session to wrap things up Chris is such an amazing tutor, helped me gain confidence with history again and helped me start getting my grades up in history was really nice to talk with and his teaching skills are amazing, loved my time with him!

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102 total hours

38 hours in A Level History

Olivia $45-55/hr

Medieval History - University of Oxford

My secondary education was comprised of the IB Diploma, in which I received the full 3 bonus points and graduated with a commendation. I am familiar with IB Higher Level and Standard Level curricula, but also able to tutor A-Levels and GCSE.

I completed my undergraduate degree in History at King`s College London and graduated with a distinguished First, winning the Elizabeth Levett Memorial Prize in History for the highest dissertation mark. My interests are far-ranging and cover 20th-century world affairs, Tudors, Stewarts, and the early modern period in England, and the medieval world. I wrote two extended theses in this period, both of which received marks over 70.

In 2016 I received a Masters in History from the University of Oxford, with an emphasis on medieval history and textual history including book production and medieval script, and produced a thesis of 25,000 words. I have had papers accepted at multiple conferences around the country and am available for proofreading and editing as well as subject tutoring.

Olivia's last completed A Level History job with Chloe: 1-2 hrs/week -

Olivia's last review in A Level History from Anu: Productive class on pushing to get within the top marking bracket. Good focus on how to successfully write a top-level source question

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88 total hours

37 hours in A Level History

Paula $40-50/hr

Doctor of Philosophy - Oxford University

Hello! I have over seven years experience working with students at all levels of learning. My goal with tuition is to understand where a student is struggling - whether it is essay structure, exam anxiety, focusing in class, note-taking skills, or effective reading - and create strategies to work with each student that will target their unique problem. I am especially good at working with students who have learning disabilities or who find the traditional classroom setting to be an ineffective environment. I work with tutees to build strong and effective skills for good grade achievement, especially in essay-writing.

I am a patient and friendly person, and structure tuition sessions to keep my students engaged and interested in their subject. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Paula's last completed A Level History job with Alison: Occasional - 1st year A-Level History Edexcel, target grade A/A* (A* at GCSE), wanting to improve essay writing and analytic skills

Paula's last review in A Level History from Gemma: Essay Review Great suggestions

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21 total hours

21 hours in A Level History

Rob $45-55/hr

2.1 MA (Hons) - Oxford

Very successful tutor across both GCSE and A level. Specific expertise in examination preparation as a senior examiner for major examination boards. My students see excellent results, with recent successes bridging gaps of up to three grades.

Rob 's last completed A Level History job with Ghazanfar: 1-2 hrs/week - Cold War and tudor

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