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11 hours in A Level Government and Politics

Adam $45-55/hr

History - Newcastle/Cumbria

I am a dedicated and committed teacher of history with 10 years of experience. I completed a PGCE in History at the University of Cumbria in 2009, and spent four years working as an A Level History and Government & Politics teacher at Hartlepool Sixth Form College. I then spent four years at Braeburn International School Arusha as Head of Humanities before becoming Vice Principal. I moved on to spend a year at the British International School Moscow teaching IGCSE and IB History as well as IGCSE Sociology. I also have experience tutoring students for the ACT/SAT as well as IELTS. My students in the past have went on to universities such as Durham, Warwick, Edinburgh as well as Oxbridge. I am now pursuing an MA in History and working part-time in a secondary school in the North East of England.

My lessons are tailor-made personally for you and my average IGCSE and A Level score over the last 10 years has been 80+ A*-C. Every one of my IB History students achieved a Level 6 or above this year. I have a proven track record of excellence and I feel you will find in me the tutor who can make you excel.

Adam's last completed A Level Government and Politics job with Daniella: Intensive - We need someone to do 1-2 very good and detailed revision session for the AS on Friday ;giving any useful information, help , tips and resources for the exam(anything that would help to pass the exam really )

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56 total hours

1 hours in A Level Government and Politics

Steve $45-55/hr

Doctorate - University College London: Institute of Education (Research/Social Sciences); Birkbeck College, University of London (Postgraduate in Philosophy)

I have 22 years of experience in tutoring learners to achieve their goals. I tutor GCSE, A-Level/PRE-U, EPQ, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral students and professional clients in Academic Research and Writing, Creative Industries, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Education, Government and Politics, Marketing, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, and Social Sciences.

I combine two decades of experience in the education sector with my earlier career in the creative industries to offer engaging learning opportunities relevant to our daily lives. I am a passionate advocate of 'affective' learning and well-being through creativity, critical inquiry and philosophical reasoning. I invite you to engage in these ways of thinking that can empower you with relevant skills to support your personal growth. I have extensive experience in tutoring GCSE, A-Level, PRE-U, EPQ, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional learners. My presentation style is engaging and interactive. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice for my clients.

Steve's last completed A Level Government and Politics job with Joseph : 1-2 hrs/week - I have taken my EdExcel Politics A-Level in June 2019, the new syllabus. I achieved a grade C, I would like to achieve at least a grade A in my re-take this coming June. The optional part of the course chosen was US Politics. Many thanks, Joe.

Steve's last review in A Level Government and Politics from Natasha: Government & Politics 👍

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35 total hours

Fraser $45-55/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have been a private tutor with Spires for 2 years, and have had many successful clients who have rated me as excellent, who include: GCSE Law pupils; Cambridge admission pupils (Law); many A-level Politics pupils (both AQA and Edexcel) and clients in a few other subjects. I adapt my tutoring styles to the client, and I make sure that the pupil fully understands the nature of the content and the exam that they are undertaking. My ratings are all 5*, and my pupils have all been satisfied with my service.

I have been tutoring my younger siblings through their GCSEs and AS levels. I helped my sister achieve an A* in her EPQ and I have been worked with her to attain excellence in her A level English Coursework. I was a tutor at my Sixth Form college for English, and I have a spent a lot of time teaching my peers how to get to the next grade in Politics and History. I have led revision classes and seminars in my subjects at school, and I'm very used to working with people who want to achieve their full potential. On Spires I have tutored in English, Politics and Law.

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4 total hours

Noor $50-60/hr

Social and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into digestible bites and communicating it to others. I have practiced this skill throughout my career as a researcher and writer. This, combined with a passion for academic achievement, makes me an ideal tutor. I enjoy working with younger people and students and having had tuition while I was at school, feel eager about helping young people reach their full potential. I have experience teaching primary and secondary school children Maths, Science and English. I have also taught English as a second language. Having gained a BA degree from the University of Cambridge and a MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and being one year through a PhD at the LSE, I feel that I can offer excellent advice regarding university applications, personal statements and interview preparation.

Noor's last completed A Level Government and Politics job with Viktorija: Occasional - I’m an alevel resit and I just need someone to Mark my essays occasionally so I know I’m on the right track

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2 total hours

Jessica $35-45/hr

History - University College London

I have been teaching History for over seven years now and have worked as an examiner for all of the main examining bodies so I have an excellent understanding of exam mark schemes and specifications.

Daniel $40-50/hr

Economic History - University of Liverpool

I am an experienced educator, having taught in schools and privately for a number of years. I am equipped to teach History and Politics to a high standard, as well as English and Maths to younger or EAL students.

I have a wide range of tutoring experience, including:

History: Historiography, source analysis, essay writing, exam technique, British political history, history of medicine, WWI and WWII, the cold war, early modern English cultural history, industrial history, colonial history, and many more.

Politics: Political theory, government, UK politics, US politics, political ideas,

English: EAL, Key Stage 2 and 3

Oliver $40-50/hr

History - Oxford University

I have a great passion for the subjects I teach and a love for passing that enthusiasm and interest on to others. I have tutored students from all ages, from Key Stage 3, and common entrance, through GCSE, A-level to undergraduate level. History is a wonderful subject that offers perspective and challenges you to put yourself ‘in the shoes’ of people in the past; as such this approach is also a useful way of writing thought provoking and successful exam and dissertation answers. I also tutor in Politics, Geography and English as a foreign language. Indeed, having a good grasp of the political, geographical and historical conditions that shaped past events and decisions is essential to answering a question successfully.

Ross $35-45/hr

Ancient and Modern History - Oxford University

I have been teaching and tutoring for five years now and have acquired a wide range of teaching experiences and skills. I began when I was still at school by tutoring a GCSE history student whilst I was doing my A-Levels. I also volunteered at an after-school homework club. I would tutor the children on an individual basis, helping them with their homework and keeping track of their progress. I also began to take up classroom teaching jobs, going to Kenya in partnership with the charity Hand-in-Hand to teach English, History and Politics to 14-17 year old students at Mogonjet School.

At university I continued to pursue teaching opportunities teaching at the Keio Summer School for Japanese university students each summer of my undergraduate degree, in which I taught history, debating and drama. I have also continued to pursue teaching opportunities abroad, completing the six week i-Learner internship in Hong Kong in the summer of 2018, in which I taught 12 to 18 year old’s a wide range of topics. In the summer of 2019 I did the Educamp internship in Beijing. I taught at three ten-day camps at Camford Royal School, teaching history, creative writing and sports. I also helped to tutor my Camford home room students for the "My Dream" speech competition in which students competed for a multi-thousand pound scholarship to the school by giving a speech in English about their life goals. The students that I tutored came first and second place.

I have also continued as an individual tutor. During the spring of 2019 I worked for CamExpress, an online tutoring company based in Shanghai. I taught online lessons and created online lectures for 16-18 year-old students who were considering applying to Oxbridge for university, as well as giving advice about the Oxford application process.

Nina $80-90/hr

BA in Law - University of Cambridge

I tutor History, Politics, Human Rights and Law. I have over 300 hours experience tutoring students at GCSE, A-Levels, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and employ customized approaches to meet everyone's needs. I have elevated student performance by at least 1 letter grade.


Due to my academic achievements, I was selected to become a Teacher's Assistant during my undergraduate degree. For this position I completed a 3-month course in pedagogy. I spent a year tutoring first year undergraduate students in their coursework, helping students with their writing and comprehension by developing techniques to improve textual analysis and idea development.

I developed my expertise in this area tutoring undergraduates and postgraduates in Law and Politics. In addition to helping students improve comprehension and analysis, I help students conduct research. My students have exclusively achieved First Class and Higher Second Class marks in their coursework and dissertations.


I am experienced tutoring university applicants. Whilst studying at the University of Cambridge, I conducted practice interviews for students from underprivileged backgrounds. Working closely with my Dean of Studies (who ultimately selects incoming students) I provided feedback and helped students improve their interview skills.

I applied my knowledge in this area helping students apply to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. I helped students draft personal statements, prepare for the LNAT (national admissions test for law), develop CVs and practice interviews. My students got in to their first or second choice university.


I have extensive experience helping students prepare for exams. In addition to providing tutorials to improve comprehension of the subject, I teach evidence-based exam techniques like 'spaced-repetition' and 'active-recall' to help students better demonstrate their talents under exam conditions. I have helped students improve their marks by at least one letter grade/level, frequently helping students achieve Firsts.

Nina's last completed A Level Government and Politics job with TARIQ: Occasional - Wanting my daughter to go predicted C grade to A

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