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Modern Languages - University of Oxford



120 hours in A Level German

I have taught everything from languages to music theory to English literature in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford, an MA in International Affairs from the Hertie School of Governance, and well over a decade of tutoring experience. I can ada...
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 480
Classes Taught: 459
All-time Students: 32
Last Online:
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joint honours English and Geography - Christian-Albrechts-Universität


55 hours in A Level German

I teach learners of all abilities and ages, using my experience in teaching secondary (Years 7-11), as well as tertiary (Years 12 and 13) students and can prepare learners for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IBDP German ab initio, and German B (SL or HL) exams. I have also taught professionals, adults and ...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 144
Classes Taught: 145
All-time Students: 9
Last Online:
Signed up:


MA Secondary Education - MFL - University of Westminster



9 hours in A Level German

I have been teaching for 5 years in two different schools - one in London and another one in Budapest, Hungary. I have also been tutoring many students over the years, and have helped them gain a better understanding of the language. I have a good understanding both of the British system, as well ...
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Recent Students: 5
Total Hours: 107
Classes Taught: 102
All-time Students: 19
Last Online:
Signed up:


English and Modern Languages (German) - University of Oxford


1 hours in A Level German

I have been teaching, both online and offline, for over 5 years. I encourage organised and strategic studying: I teach my pupils how to study for their exams, identifying knowledge gaps and refining exam technique, fundamental to achieving top grades and often overlooked in the classroom. As a ling...
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Recent Students: 1
Total Hours: 82
Classes Taught: 83
All-time Students: 21
Last Online:
Signed up:


French and German Joint Honours - Loughborough University



I have taught for over 10 years in state and independent schools. I have been Head of MFL as well as Head of French and German. I have taught French and German to A Level and have taught the AQA GCSE& A Levels as well as Edexcel iGCSE. I have taught Oxbridge students who have gone on to study French...
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Recent Students: 4
Total Hours: 60
Classes Taught: 66
All-time Students: 4
Last Online:
Signed up:


Business Management German and Italian - Swansea University



I have taught for my entire career, as well as being a Headteacher and Senior Leader. I have taught in Grammar Schools, Independent Schools and Academies. I have extensive experience of teaching German at Key Stage 3 to GCSE and A Level and French to GCSE level and have experience of the main exam b...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 156
Classes Taught: 166
All-time Students: 7
Last Online:
Signed up:


English Literature (Hons) - Cambridge University


I have been a professional tutor since 2006. Across all of the different subjects I teach, I always notice the same thing: the main difficulty that learners encounter is getting overwhelmed by what they're trying to learn. It could be that there seems to be simply too much material to cover; it cou...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 4
Classes Taught: 3
All-time Students: 2
Last Online:
Signed up:


Spanish and German - University of Bristol


I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher of Modern Foreign Languages with 3 years experience of classroom teaching and approximately 30 hours of tutoring experience so far. I have taken full ownership of KS3, GCSE and A Level classes, and I have got experience in planning and delivering energetic...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 0
Classes Taught: 0
All-time Students: 0
Last Online:
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