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José Luis

Mathematics - Imperial College London



I have been tutoring and teaching for the last 7 years, both privately and as an employee in schools, universities and private companies. Having completed the IB Diploma myself, and tutoring several students over the years, I have a vast experience with IB and equivalent math and physics mentoring...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 49
Classes Taught: 35
All-time Students: 2
Last Online:
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PGCE Secondary Chemistry - University of Birmingham



I have a PGCE in Secondary Chemistry from the University of Birmingham but became a science tutor many years before. I also possess a BSc in Pathobiology from the University of Reading and an MSc in Forensic Science from Kings College London. My teaching experience spans 20 years including positio...
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 93
Classes Taught: 95
All-time Students: 7
Last Online:
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Computer Science - University of Manchester


As an assistant teacher at the University of Manchester, I have helped students understand the course material, including 1-on-1 tutoring and large-classroom learning. I was responsible for classes, including teaching and evaluation methods. During the pandemic, this has shifted online, so I had to ...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 0
Classes Taught: 0
All-time Students: 0
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