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44 total hours

43 hours in A Level Philosophy

Daniel $65-75/hr

Social and Political Theory - University of Birmingham

I have a BA in philosophy with first-class honours from the University of York, and an MA from the University of Birmingham. A number of my papers have been published, and I was previously an editor of a philosophical journal.

I have been teaching for over four years. I am reliable, dedicated and professional. I have an exceptional history of helping students achieve success.

I am a professionally trained, passionate philosopher. I believe in helping students to achieve highly whilst also imparting some of what makes philosophy a wonderful subject. Despite what some people think, you absolutely can maximise both simultaneously. Learning should be fun and rewarding, but still results driven.

I have excellent communicative and interpersonal skills. Philosophy is hard, we will look at things together that some of the greatest minds of the last two and a half thousand years have struggled to grapple with, so although I can never make it easy, I can certainly make it easier. I want to help you appreciate the satisfaction of understanding and working with something that was originally very challenging.

Daniel's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Ruta : Occasional - I want an advice on an essay I wrote for the Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy and Theology course, then sent off for an unsuccessful Oxford application. I recently got application feedback, with a poor review of the essay. I would be grateful for an opinion as to if this is because the essay was not suited for Oxford, or if I need to change my essay technique for the Pre-U course. I would like to start ASAP.

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276 total hours

30 hours in A Level Philosophy

Julia $50-60/hr

First Class - University of London

I have been tutoring and teaching professionally for nearly a decade and have great success with my pupils. Recently, one of my Theology students got 100% in his OCR exam, having come to me on a D grade. I'm always encouraging (but also honest) and I like to discover someone's learning style and develop that with them. I genuinely love teaching and I think it shows when I work with people.

Julia's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Carolyn: Over 2 hrs/week - My son enjoys the subject but is now finding the work load difficult. He needs well structured revision and planning. Good guidance and an engaging tutor. He is in 6.1 about to sit exams

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47 total hours

23 hours in A Level Philosophy

Oliver $50-60/hr

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics - University of Oxford

- Logic TA at New College, University of Oxford
- Taught topics in the Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy, Marxism, Ethics, Metaphysics, and Logic
- Politics and International Relations Tutor for Oxford Summer Courses in 2017 & 2018
- Prepared students for exams in A Level History, A Level English Literature, A Level Philosophy, and A Level Mathematics
- Run practice interviews for Oxbridge candidates in Law and Philosophy
- Previously worked for Metropolitan Tutors, a tuition agency in London

Oliver's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Rebeca: Over 2 hrs/week - I am struggling with condensing the information into essays as well as evaluating my points. I am aiming for an A in my A Levels in May, my exam board is OCR.

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6 total hours

6 hours in A Level Philosophy

Enric $40-50/hr

Bachelor of Law. Master in Politics. Qualified teacher - University of Barcelona

I have developed many valuable skills while teaching diverse groups in private and public schools. I taught in Oxford International College, Oxford Royale Academy, Oxford Individual Tuition and Abacus College. To large groups as well as one-to-one students.
I am able to teach Government and Politics, Philosophy, Ethics, Law. I am passionate about empowering secondary and Six Form students and helping them to develop their full potential.
I want that my students develop their critical thinking and that they are able defend a position with convincing arguments.

Enric's last completed A Level Philosophy job with joanna : 1-2 hrs/week - an A

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42 total hours

3 hours in A Level Philosophy

Calum $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics - The University of Oxford

I have taught a broad range of subjects in the UK and internationally periodically over the last 20 years.

I thoroughly prepare each lesson to meet the student's specific needs. I have taught A*- and E-grade students and, whatever the student's academic history, I bring clarity and order to complicated concepts, enabling them to acquire the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

I am extremely adaptable, and have taught mathematics, economics, politics, philosophy, business studies, history, close reading, literary analysis, and exam/essay technique, as well as devising and teaching a beginners’ business Russian course. I have significant TEFL experience, including at the Oxford English Centre.

Calum's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Chrystal: 1-2 hrs/week - A

Calum's last review in A Level Philosophy from Maggie: philosophy Calum is a really enthusiastic and knowledgable person. My son really liked him. He was very helpful in answering the questions we had and debating the subject.

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3 total hours

3 hours in A Level Philosophy

Alexander $40-50/hr

Philosophy and Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I am currently studying Philosophy and Italian at Oxford University, having completed the IB at King's College School in Wimbledon. My tutoring experience involves working for a tutoring company called Kumon. This included teaching maths and english language to young children and gave me good experience of tutoring and communicating effectively with students. I have also helped out my younger sibling and her friends with their homework and have been asked previously by teachers at school to aid other pupils, especially with UCAS advice.

Alexander's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Amelia: 1-2_HOURS - I am looking to get an A in my exam

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68 total hours

Jonathan $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics - Oxford

I have over 130 hours experience tutoring online 1-1 sessions, with students ranging from GCSE to higher level undergraduate courses. I also developed my own course in economics to teach at the Oxbridge International Summer School in 2016. My teaching style places great emphasis on motivating the material so that the student can really engage. My passion for the subjects I teach means I can always provide an answer to the question 'why are we studying this?' I find the tutorial system at Oxford has been extremely beneficial for my learning and take pleasure in passing on those benefits to other students.

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27 total hours

Jessica $40-50/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

I think I make a good tutor as I truly understand what it is like to come from an educational background that provides little help to be the best that you can be. I am a trained peer supporter so know how to listen to you effectively and actually understand the problems you face! I also do like english a lot, even if it can be a hard subject - I do really enjoy tasks such as close reading or proof reading!!

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37 total hours

Nick $40-50/hr

English Literature - Bristol University

I always build a completely unique scheme of work for each individual client and I pride myself on a creative and colourful teaching style which employs tasks and assignments to engage my students with complex ideas in a clear and accessible fashion. I always keep my lessons interactive and use visual stimuli such as images and videos to support my tutee's learning process...

I have achieved excellent results with numerous clients receiving the esteemed 8 // 9 Grade in their English exams.

In the five years since I began tutoring my work has mostly centred on helping A-Level English students with both coursework and exam prep. I have worked with some of London's leading agencies including Bonas Macfarlane and Craig De Silva and have undertaken in depth work-experience at Grafton Primary School, London. I have also tutored students at some of the UK's leading independent schools including Harrow and Westminster.

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31 total hours

Andreas $75-85/hr

Politics and Philosophy - Goldsmiths College, University of London

I am a 34 year-old Lecturer of Politics and Philosophy at the University of London where I teach courses in Political Theory, Ideologies and Philosophy. I also hold pastoral and academic support roles that include being the Director of Studies for first year students as well as the convener of the Politics Study Skills Seminar and the Politics Dissertation Seminar. In addition to my lectureship post, I have been, for the past seven years, a private tutor to hundreds of A-level and university students from varied backgrounds and look forward to working with many more in years to come in view of helping more young minds reach their full academic potential.

Andreas's last completed A Level Philosophy job with Rebeca: Over 2 hrs/week - I am struggling with condensing the information into essays as well as evaluating my points. I am aiming for an A in my A Levels in May, my exam board is OCR.

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