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Vittoria $40-50/hr

Master's Degree in Italian L2 Teaching - Università per Stranieri di Perugia

I have been tutoring for quite some time people of all ages - but mostly university students. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching Italian as an L2 to foreigners; during the course of my studies I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned so far, through hours of shadowing and internship at Italian language and culture courses for foreigners offered at my university. I also furthered my training at La Dante in Cambridge (UK) where I taught small classes and one to one sessions - this gave me the opportunity to teach any kind of level.

Emanuele $40-50/hr

Classics - Università di Pisa

– "Ancient Greek grammar", 10 hours face-to-face with an adult learner
– "Ancient Greek grammar" undergraduate level, 10 hours face-to-face and online with 1 student (revision of morphology, syntax, use of tools)
– "Ancient Greek literature", undergraduate level, 15 hours face-to-face and online with 1 student (revision of Homer's "Odyssey" bk. IX, the prologue from Euripides's "Bakchai" and ll. 203-450 from Euripides's "Cyclops"; translation with revision of grammar and literary analysis)
– "Latin grammar", undergraduate level, 10 hours face-to-face with 1 student (revision of morphology, syntax, reading of passages from Cicero, "Verrinae")
– "Latin grammar", primary school level, 50 hours (ongoing) face-to-face with 1 student ("Minimus", vol. 1 and 2; I, II and III declension, Indicative present and Imperfect, Imperative present, Basic adverbs, Prepositions and Conjunctions, Elements of Roman life and Roman History, Greek Mythology)
– "Maths", primary school level, 12 hours face-to-face with 1 student (basic arithmetic)

Jonathan $270-280/hr

Dual MSc in Brain and Mind Sciences - UCL

I have been teaching students of varying levels (A-level to master's) in both brain sciences (psychology and neuroscience) as well as philosophy. Most recently I tutored an MSc Cognitive Neuroscience student in writing her thesis; as well as an A-level student in learning about epistemology, moral philosophy and philosophy of mind. Both teaching experiences ended up being successful and long-term.

I recently helped a pupil apply for universities in the UK by helping him write his personal statement, check his courseworks, and hone his critical thinking skills. He got into his first choice university, and feels prepared for the upcoming exams.

As a research assistant at the Neurospin laboratory in Paris we often had students enter the laboratory to learn about neuroscientific research and the technologies we used. My role was to summarise complex information relating to brain processing and the technical equipment we used to groups of young students.

I taught music (guitar), helping the student engage with the topic creatively, as well as intellectually when explaining more difficult topics relating to musical theory and harmony.

Alessio $40-50/hr

Qualified Maths Teacher, Engineering - UCL

I have taught Mathematics in schools and privately for more than 7 years. I am now a full-time private tutor and a qualified counsellor. I am also a examiner for Edexcel and I teach A Level Maths revision courses for Harrow School Enterprises.
By combining teaching skills, subject knowledge and experience as an examiner I have led my students to success in GCSE, A Level and Common Entrance Exams. I have also plenty of experience working with special needs.

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