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12 total hours

Busra $45-55/hr

BSc Biology - QMUL

With almost 2 years' tutoring experience, I am confident in being able to deliver engaging and informative lessons for pupils of all ages.

I am experienced in tutoring biology, chemistry and maths to varying levels (GCSE, A-Level, IB), and across many exam boards and specifications, including OCR, Edexcel, AQA and more. My greatest strength lies in biology, where I am able to deliver tuition to undergraduate level, as well as provide support with dissertations.

I also have experience in preparing students for university entrance examinations, such as the UKCAT.

My teaching style will vary according to students' needs and I make my lessons as interactive as possible to ensure students remains engaged. I believe that confidence is half the battle won so I aim to encourage my students and empower them to take back control of their studies.

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13 total hours

Bryce $52/hr

Biochemistry - University of Cambridge

I have experience tutoring students in biology, chemistry, mathematics, English, and history, and have also helped with university admissions.

I have worked in three different paid tutoring positions, both full time and part time. I have worked with groups and one-on-one with private clients, and have experience tutoring online. My clients have ranged in age from 6 to 18 years of age.

Apart from this, I have also worked as a volunteer tutor in less formal arrangements at school and university. These were generally with younger students in the same courses who benefitted from my prior experience of the syllabus.

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8 total hours

Stefania $55-65/hr

PhD, Masters, Bachelors - Oxford

2016-18, Tutor in Evolution & Social Evolution (taught 27 undergraduates in 1:1 or 2:1 sessions) on topics of Social
Evolution & Major Evolutionary Transitions, University of Oxford
2016-17, Demonstrator for the “Organisms - Invertebrate Practicals” course run by Jonathan Green, Department of
Zoology, University of Oxford (involved in demonstrating, dissections & marking)
2017-18, Invigilator for undergraduate student exams, New College, University of Oxford
2017, Demonstrator for the “Tree of Life” practical run by Sebastian Shimeld, Department of Zoology, University of
Oxford, (involved in demonstrating, DNA extractions, PCR reactions, gel electrophoresis & sequencing)
2015, Demonstrator for an “Experimental Evolution Practical” course run by William Durham, Department of
Zoology, University of Oxford

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6 total hours

Jehad $35-45/hr

MBBS and PhD - King's College London University

12 years experience as Pharmacology and Biomedical Science Lecturer
5 years experience as Medical Animation Designer

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1 hour

Adele $45-55/hr

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of Cape Town

I have been tutoring since 2014, working with students in person and remotely, and have supported multiple students through GCSEs, A levels and IB qualifications. Additionally, I have worked as a secondary science teacher, working with learners from 12-18 years of age, supporting their academic studies as well as university applications and interview preparation.
It's important to recognise the links between different science subjects and within the syllabus. I therefore support students in making these links, so that they stop looking at the syllabus as a huge list of facts to learn, but rather as a network into which they can slot new concepts and ideas. This does, however, have to be coupled with exam technique, so I am very pro-active in making sure students have the opportunity to tackle lots of relevant exam questions, improving their confidence and recall.

Eleanor $52/hr

Medicine (Graduate Entry) - St George’s University of London

A level Biology: I have taught around 200 hours and covered the OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam boards.

A level Chemistry: I have taught around 60 hours and covered the OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam boards.

GCSE Science: I have taught around 170 hours and covered the OCR (A and B), AQA and Edexcel exam boards.

GCSE Maths: I have taught around 130 hours and covered predominantly the Edexcel exam board.

Adult numeracy aptitude tests: I have helped young adults to succeeded in numeracy and numerical reasoning tests for graduate scheme applications.

GAMSAT: I have helped both science and non-science graduates to prepare for this tough exam. I can help with Section 1, 2 and 3.

Undergraduate Biology / Biomedical Sciences: I have mentored students in the year below struggling with BSc-level topics.

UCAS and Interviews: I have helped several students with their personal statements and interview preparation.

Overall, I have 3 years experience tutoring

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1 hour

Jessica $40-50/hr

MSc Marine Environmental Management - University of Hull

Seasonal Ecologist (2020)
Teaching Assistant (2020)
Demonstrator at the University of Hull (2019) - took part in a Passport to Higher Education Teaching course to be able to participate
Education secretary for the Aquatic Science Society (2016-2017)
Primary School Teaching Assistant (2014)

Ashleigh $30-40/hr

MSc Zoology - University of Pretoria

I have been tutoring biology for 10 years and have experience teaching students of all backgrounds, languages and ages. I have run University level classes as well as middle school and high school biology lessons. Classes I have taught include:
Animal Form and Function
General Zoology

I have assissted students in writing reports, dissertations and practical write ups. I am experienced in refining research methods and refining the statistics needed to comprehensively present data.

Alice $75-85/hr

DPhil Biochemistry - Oxford University

I have been tutoring for 2 years. In that time, I have particularly enjoyed tutoring students through their dissertations, especially helping them with their language and writing style.

Natalie $40-50/hr

PhD Biochemistry and Immunology - Cardiff University

Having previously worked in research in academia and industry, I have over five years of personal, private tuition experience covering GCSE Biology and Chemistry as well as A-level Biology and Chemistry. I have tutored students studying WJEC, OCR and AQA syllabus'. I also have experience of taking tutorials for undergraduate students.

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