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5.0 30 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - University of Calicut

I have tutored over 1000 students online (students mainly from US and UK, a few from other countries like Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan, UAE, India) and completed over 20,000 successful tutoring hours(and still counting) in a span of 16 years. 98% of my students have completed a whole academic year, if not more with me. My AP, IB and SAT students have come out with great scores. I have a rich exposure to US and UK curriculum, courses like GCSE, IGCSE, A/AS Levels, Basic Ch...
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Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 909
All-time Students: 51 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 30 hours in A Level Chemistry


Biochemistry - University of Manchester

I have worked as a science tutor for the past two years and have loved every minute. During my PhD and subsequent time in academia I taught a range of levels and am expert in teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics from GCSE level up to University level. At higher levels of education I can teach my specialist subjects including Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Molecular Biology. With enthusiasm, careful planning and knowledge you can improve a students results and enjoy...
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Recent Students: 13 Total Hours: 820
All-time Students: 55 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 23 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - King's College, University of London

I am an experienced qualified science teacher (QTS). My lessons have frequently been rated outstanding during appraisals. I have taught in both private and comprehensive, single and co-educational, and French and English schools. Here are some of my noteworthy achievements: - For the past five years I have been working in a British online secondary school. I have therefore taught many different curriculums to pupils from a wide range of backgrounds, and this has helped me to...
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Recent Students: 20 Total Hours: 455
All-time Students: 27 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 22 hours in A Level Chemistry


Biological Chemistry - University of Manchester

6 Years of experience in face to face and online tutoring for both Maths and Chemistry. 1 year experience teaching GCSE, AS and A2 level maths at an ofsted 'outstanding' school 2 Years experience tutoring university level chemistry as part of a PASS outreach programme for struggling undergraduate students.
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 23
All-time Students: 4 Last Online: 17 May 2023


5.0 21 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - Imperial College

I am an experienced qualified science secondary school teacher and professional tutor with a proven track record of outstanding learning outcomes for a large number of GCSE and A-level students. Having worked in a school environment and as a professional tutor, I have successfully developed and implemented a variety of teaching and examination techniques to promote outstanding learning progress for all ability groups. To ensure excellent results I constantly keep track of stu...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 25
All-time Students: 3 Last Online: 25 May 2023


4.9 16 hours in A Level Chemistry


Bachelors degree Zoology (with research training), PGCE Secondary Biology, Masters in Human Health and Disease - Cardiff University, Leeds University, Birkbeck College (University of London)

UK Secondary Schools 1996 to 2011 General Science Teacher to GCSE level - Biology and PE to A level I tutored privately throughout this time including BMAT University entry exams Residential Tutor with Justin Craig Education 1999 to 2013 Head of Science and Mathematics Chongqing China 2013 to 2015 - I taught Biology and Chemistry A level and IGCSE Sciences and Mathematics IB Chemistry Teacher Putrajaya Malaysia 2015 to 2017 - I taught IB Chemistry and Science to IGCSE Chemist...
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Recent Students: 24 Total Hours: 304
All-time Students: 49 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 13 hours in A Level Chemistry


Bachelor of Science Hon Degree in Chemical Technology - Midlands State University

I am a Chemistry and Biology tutor with 7+ years experience of teaching Chemistry and Biology up to A level/IB. I possess a Bsc Hon Degree in Chemical Engineering/Technology and a post graduate diploma in education. My main teaching approach is interactive learning which encourages engaging students and learning through activities. I am confident that you will find my tutoring lessons very enjoyable and easy to understand. I can quickly identify problematic areas that need at...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 85
All-time Students: 15 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 13 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - Université Libre de Bruxelles

I been tutoring since the end of 2015, when I started on the side of my PhD to make some extra money. Immediately I loved it. Since then, I’ve been tutoring chemistry, maths, and physics to students of varying levels, from National5/GCSE to university level. For students at high school, I generally cover all 3 subjects equally. At university, however, it’s more commonly physics or maths, since students are required to take elective classes in these subjects, which, for my cli...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 19
All-time Students: 4 Last Online: 27 May 2023

Dr. Ade

5.0 11 hours in A Level Chemistry


Plasma Physics and Nanofabrication - University of York

I have accumulated over 11,000 hours of teaching since 2014 across Maths, Physics and Chemistry and other subjects such as Python Programming. I currently lecture Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the BTEC National and HND/HNC level to cohorts from various manufacturing/research/biotech companies such as NPL and GSK. I work for and with organizations such as CSR Scientific Training. I began as a tutor for Talent Engaged Tuition (starting 2014), teaching A-level Maths and ...
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 406
All-time Students: 24 Last Online: 27 May 2023

Jemma- Zoe

5.0 9 hours in A Level Chemistry


2;1 - Oxford University

I have recently qualified as a Secondary Science tutor specialising in Chemistry (PGCE, Oxford University) I am a professional tutor who has tutored over 300 students aged 7-21 over the last 6 years. I have focused on selective examinations science and maths, recently tutoring a member of the UAE ruling family, a child actor in Canada, the son of a count in Germany, and carrying out residential governess work in Turkey. I love to travel and to meet new people.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 18
All-time Students: 3 Last Online: 24 Mar 2023

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