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Jon $46/hr

Politics - Swansea

5.0 (214 classes)

I have successfully taught and tutored GCSE and A Level History for over 20 years, plus GCSE RE and A Level Politics. I have a strong academic background in my subjects and I am fully qualified teacher (PGCE). Since beginning my teaching career in 1998, I have successfully taught in six secondary schools in London and South-East, and I have wide knowledge and experience of all GCSE and iGCSE and A Level in History, RE , and Politics, plus IB. I am an experienced tutor, and my tutees have alwa...
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 180 Last Online: 20 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 20 Total A Level History Hours: 28 Signed Up: 26 Nov 2020

Edmund $45-55/hr

BA Ancient and Modern History; MSt Late Antique and Byzantine Studies - University of Oxford

5.0 (35 classes)

I have extensive experience in the education sector. As an undergraduate, I undertook tutoring work preparing students for Oxbridge entrance. Furthermore, I was employed by a local school as a debating coach, providing intensive one-on-one training as well as more general sessions. My students won one national competition, and reached the finals of several others. I also volunteered with an educational charity, working with local disadvantaged school children. In London I have undertaken tutori...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 34 Last Online: 19 Dec 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total A Level History Hours: 16 Signed Up: 26 Aug 2020

Sophia $52/hr

History - University of Oxford

5.0 (23 classes)

I have just completed a postgraduate degree (MPhil) at the University of Oxford and also have a BA in History (Honours) from Oxford. I received A*A*A*A at A Level in History, German, Philosophy and Classical Civilisation. While I am relatively new to Spires, I have over 400 hours of experience on other tutoring sites, tutoring a great variety of topics and exam boards. I have received only 5* ratings and reviews for this, both here and on other sites. The experience that I have gained from obse...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 25 Last Online: 19 Mar 2021
All-time Students: 8 Total A Level History Hours: 16 Signed Up: 21 Feb 2017

Dr Candace $78/hr

History, Geography and Biological Anthropology - University of Reading

4.9 (524 classes)

I am a professional educator with American teaching qualifications, an IB Examiner and have over a decade of experience. In addition to teaching at local colleges and universities, I write curriculum and design various educational projects both in Europe and America. I specialise in discreet, bespoke tutoring and homeschool students- including mainstream SEN, international students and those seeking admission into US universities alongside dozens of students who need regular homework help, test ...
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Recent Students: 30 Total Hours: 564 Last Online: 30 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 107 Total A Level History Hours: 15 Signed Up: 20 Oct 2019

Jamie $56/hr

History - Oxford University

5.0 (15 classes)

I have been teaching since 2018; I have several hundred hours under my belt across a range of subjects and ages.
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 16 Last Online: 28 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 6 Total A Level History Hours: 10 Signed Up: 26 Apr 2021

Charles $45-55/hr

History - University College London

5.0 (9 classes)

My student feedback (anonymous) was very positive: 'Charles always makes the subject interesting'; 'The seminars were always useful and enjoyable. I also felt confident to speak up during seminars knowing that my tutor was interested'; '...everything was always explained thoroughly'.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 13 Last Online: 13 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 5 Total A Level History Hours: 3 Signed Up: 09 Jan 2019

Claire $91/hr

BA History - University of Oxford

5.0 (1 classes)

Professional History tutor with over 1000 hours of experience and a Double First from Oxford. Effective and friendly tuition with proven results. Do you want to avoid wasting your time with someone who has taken up tutoring to get some extra pocket money? I am a professional tutor who offers an excellent value, top-quality service. My tried and tested approach to tuition: • Systematic coverage of the syllabus and the skills that you need to succeed in the exams. • Thoroughly prepared lesson...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 1 Last Online: 13 Dec 2020
All-time Students: 2 Total A Level History Hours: 1 Signed Up: 25 Oct 2018

Lizzie $45-55/hr

Early Modern and Renaissance Studies - University of York

5.0 (5 classes)

I have been a tutor since 2007 and have tutored over 100 clients since then. I am an organised, committed, reliable and enthusiastic individual who enjoys working with clients, helping them to develop their understanding and interest in a variety of subjects. Whilst tutoring I pay particular attention to the needs of each student and tailor their study courses to best meet their needs and wishes. My approach to tutoring emphasises clarity, flexibility, and an enthusiasm for learning, within an i...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 7 Last Online: 08 Mar 2021
All-time Students: 2 Total A Level History Hours: 1 Signed Up: 08 Apr 2020

Brian $45-55/hr

Geography and History - The University of Edinburgh

5.0 (619 classes)

Hi, I am a qualified Geography teacher and have been teaching since 2011 and head of department for two of those years. I have experience teaching various exam boards including CIE, AQA, Edexcel, Educas and SQA both in the UK and internationally. Testimonial from an A level Geography student tutored on, March 2019. "I was extremely lucky to come across Brian. He is an incredible, all in one teacher. Every lesson is well prepared and extra resources are provided. He is up to date with...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 610 Last Online: 22 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 33 Total A Level History Hours: 0 Signed Up: 09 May 2018

Sasha $60-70/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

4.9 (375 classes)

I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford and have been tutoring a range of subjects for the last 9 years. I also have experience of living, working and studying in both France and Germany. Although my style of teaching is friendly and laid-back, I take immense pleasure from academic achievement and from inspiring others to achieve their academic g...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 399 Last Online: 25 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 25 Total A Level History Hours: 0 Signed Up: 02 Dec 2016

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