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4.9 139 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - The Nottingham University

I always try to make feel students at ease from the very first lesson and my experience allows me to quickly identify their weaknesses by testing them on the key topics.
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 197
All-time Students: 34 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 112 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - Cambridge University

Cambridge College Director of Studies Natural Sciences I have 25 years tutoring experience, including working with the brightest Cambridge University undergraduates in all aspects of classroom-based and practical chemistry during my time as a researcher at the Chemistry Department. I also have many thousands of hours of maths and science tuition experience as a private tutor in London. As a trusted Cambridge college tutor, who has worked directly for the Head of Cambridge U...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 224
All-time Students: 27 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 110 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - University of Cambridge

I am a qualified teacher with over two years of experience teaching KS3 and KS4 (GCSE combined science and Triple science) and KS5 Chemistry in offline and online mainstream schools. I now tutor A-level and GCSE students IB Chemistry and Olympiad online full-time. I have tutoring experience in teaching A levels (OCR A and B Salters, Edexcel, AQA Exam Boards ) and GCSE (AQA and Edexcel board), Olympiad and IB Chemistry. My twenty years of experience working in high-tech ...
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Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 145
All-time Students: 11 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 95 hours in A Level Chemistry


Biological Sciences - Imperial College London, University of Oxford

First up, I enjoy the subjects I tutor immensely and I feel this is one of the most important qualities in a good tutor. In addition, I am friendly and confident and have experience of communicating with others in a teaching environment. Coupled with my enthusiasm for the subjects, this will make for a productive and enjoyable learning environment for students. I have extensive tutoring experience, particularly at GCSE and A-levels and have been working with some students for...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 113
All-time Students: 7 Last Online: 20 Apr 2023


0.0 91 hours in A Level Chemistry


PhD - King's College London

I have more than six years of experience in tutoring, both one to one and small groups. I am focused on ensuring each of my students understands how they will best reach their goals. I am passionate about the subjects that I tutor, and am able to deliver them in innovative and engaging ways. My aim is to build up the confidence of my students in any given subject and to help each one to realise their potential. I have extensive experience in working with children, teenagers...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 230
All-time Students: 27 Last Online: 04 Mar 2023


5.0 78 hours in A Level Chemistry


Biomedical Sciences MSc, BSc - University of Bristol

Prior to last year, I occasionally tutored GCSE-level students in person however, I now have over a year of online tutoring experience and I love the flexibility that an online classroom provides. Being able to integrate more elements into a lesson is incredibly valuable and allows teaching online to be just as interactive and engaging as in-person lessons can be. In the past year and a half I have helped A Level Chemistry and Biology students achieve to their highest potent...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 127
All-time Students: 12 Last Online: 27 May 2023


0.0 56 hours in A Level Chemistry


Chemistry - University of Oxford (Magdalen College)

I've taught chemistry at GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level, and undergraduate level for the last two years, both in person and online. I’m a patient and enthusiastic tutor and I really enjoy teaching my students. I'm happy to help with all areas of chemistry and I am familiar with the courses run by all major examination boards. I have extensive experience in online tutoring using an online whiteboard. Since November 2020 I’ve taught over 250 h of lessons online. I’ve tried and tested man...
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 111
All-time Students: 16 Last Online: 26 May 2023

Alaa Ehsan

5.0 48 hours in A Level Chemistry


Mechanical Systems / Materials Sciences - Cranfield University / UAE University

I am a patient tutor, and I am able to simplify complex topics and dispel confusion. I have tutoring and teaching experience with CAIE IGCSE's in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, as well as CAIE A-level Physics. I also have teaching experience with Edexcel IAL Maths (P1, P2, P3, and P4; aka C12 and C34) I am also capable of tutoring A-level Mechanics .
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Recent Students: 21 Total Hours: 546
All-time Students: 49 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 44 hours in A Level Chemistry


Biological Sciences - The University of Birmingham

I am a young enthusiastic lady very passionate about teaching with up to 7 years of teaching experience with both Primary, Secondary and Undergraduate students.
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 90
All-time Students: 17 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 34 hours in A Level Chemistry


MSC in Chemistry . PGCE . - Kingston University (UK)

More than 20 years of tutoring and offering the highest quality of teaching in leading International Schools in the UK and and in Asia. IB examiner for more than 15 years. SAT maths coaching for many years. Ability to teach Chemistry and mathematics and I have produced some excellent results in many examination boards such as IB, IGCSE and GCE. ( Including 3 world prices for IGCSE ). Excellent feedback from students ( Please refer to client reviews section ) . Thank you...
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Recent Students: 43 Total Hours: 599
All-time Students: 48 Last Online: 28 May 2023

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